Cold brew tea doesn’t only taste great, cold brewing also has many more benefits…such as ensuring that you end up with perfectly smooth every single time.

Cold brewing also is much easier because you don’t have to worry about your tea becoming too bitter because you have used the wrong water temperature or let the tea steep for too long….which is especially great when you are making black tea.

Tea often turns bitter when the tea has released too many of tannins…(discussed in the first post of this series about Making the Perfect Iced Tea.

Cold brewing brings out the flavors of the tea more gently and causes the tea to release fewer of the tannins…making the tea less bitter.

Also you will probably need less sweetener with the cold brew method of brewing tea as opposed to the hot brew method because. the tea will maintain more of its natural sweetness.

However, cold brewing does require more time and planning ahead.

So let’s talk about HOW to make the best cold brew iced tea before we start adding sugar and spice and everything nice…to make the tea actually interesting.


The “Recipe”

The “cold brew method” is the easiest and simplest method of making tea and there probably doesn’t even need to be a “recipe” per se for making cold brew iced tea of coffee.

Simply put three tea bags or one teaspoon of loose tea for every one cup of water into a container, such as a large Mason jar…add your water…shake or stir until all the leaves are saturated with water…close the lid…and finally stick in your fridge for as long as you’d like.

You can steep the tea leaves for as few as four hours, but letting it steep overnight will yield the best results.

Once you are ready to drink or serve your tea, simply strain the leaves, add ice and whatever “other stuff” you’d like…(more on this later)…