storing avocadosIf you are going to make above average food, you must first buy above average ingredients.

So let’s see what it takes to avoid your average avocado.

What should you look for when shopping for an avocado?

The avocados that you find in your typical grocery store are green and hard as rocks.

The characteristics that you should look for when you are shopping for above average avocados include…

  • An even, unblemished texture
  • Flesh that yields when pressed gently
  • Heavy for their size
  • No dents, blemishes, bruises or soft spots
  • Those with some space between the flesh and skin
  • Uniformly hard or soft over its entire surface

Two more points before moving on…plan on buying your avocados a few days before you use them and letting them ripen at home…(more on this later)…

And remember that it’s always better to choose a bright-green avocado that aren’t soft than an overripe one.