Have a Berry, Berry Christmas and a Happy New You — September 24, 2020

Have a Berry, Berry Christmas and a Happy New You

  • We all know what berries are…those small, soft, round, brightly colored fruits that make the produce section actually seem more inviting…juicy
  • The varied taste, colors, and textures of berries makes them one of the most popular fruits. The gamut runs from black currants to grapes…blueberries to gooseberries…cranberries to gooseberries…grapes to goji berries…and so on and so forth.
  • Some fruits that we typically think of as berries actually are not berries according to the “smart people”…including raspberries and strawberries…
  • While other fruits that we would think shouldn’t be classified as berries actually are… such as 
  • The most popular berry is the strawberry. In fact, twice as any strawberries are produced around the world as the sum of all other berries combined.
  • In the next few posts, we will be talking about the reasons that you should include berries in your diet, the different types of berries that might be adding color to your local produce aisle, and a few basic recipes to get you in a berry, berry good mood.