There’s an App(le) for That — June 27, 2020

There’s an App(le) for That

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    • How Apples Can Differ

      • Color…Although you typically think of apples as being either red or Granny Smith green, you  can also find yellow, pink, gold, pink, scarlet extremely dark crimson/ purple, and white.
      • Size…Commercial growers typically try to grow apples that are anywhere from 2″ to 314″ in diameter.
      • Taste… sweet or sour…“bold” versus “hints” of tartness…such as tart and astringent cider apples
      • Use…Some apples are made for cooking…while other are best for either making cider or eating fresh.






    Where Apples are Grown

    Apples are grown in all 50 states….but the state of Washington reigns as the leader of the pack…growing about half the apples grown in the United States.

    As far as countries other than the United State, the top producers are China, Turkey, and Poland.






    Where to Store Apples

    • The expression that “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch” is true.
    • Apples that are bruised or damaged release ethylene gas, which speeds up the ripening of nearby apples that have not been damaged…meaning that the entire group of apples ripens too quickly. So it is important that you remove any damaged apples from the group.
    • The one thing that I have learned that I have been doing wrong for decades is not storing my apples in the fridge…more specifically store them in the fridge at temperatures of about 35°–40°F.
    • If you store apples in the fridge, your apples will last for a couple of weeks.
    • Add a damp cheesecloth to the crisper bin of your fridge. This will help maintain moisture and keep your produce fresher longer.
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