But this is supposed to be a blog that slowly crawls up the Raw Foods Pyramid one tier at a time…and here I go talking about frying stuff and baking stuff and grilling stuff.

Bear with me…I obviously have ADHD, right?!

So let’s go back to where we left off in our crawl up the Raw Foods Pyramid and begin talking about fruits and vegetables, shall we?

The most important fruits and vegetables that you must include in your diet are those that are brightly-colored…such as those fruits and vegetables that are bright orange, yellow, red or green.

This is because these fruits and vegetables contain high levels of beta-.carotene…(and no that is not a fraternity or sorority as far as I know)…

Certain fruits and vegetables such as these contain carotenoids,,,this is what gives these fruits and vegetables such bright colors.

Personally I didn’t want to get all wrapped up in caretenoids and the chemical interactions..instead just know that these fruits and veggies are antioxidants…

And if you’re reading my blog because I’m supposed to be blogging about raw foods, clean eating, and so forth, then you probably already know what anioxidants are…

So what are antioxidants?

may protect cells from damage from the free radicals that can do terrible things for your body—such as causing chronic illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, or weaking your immune system,