Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Making a List…Checking It Twice


The D. Landreth Seed Company catalog

I hate shopping….and I hate spending alot of money not sure that it will be worth it or not.

And at this point in my gardening dreams, I want to be able to get as many creative ideas and as much inspiration as possible without spending a single penny that I don’t have to.




Plants can be expensive at your local nursery or greenhouse…


So I’m glad to learn that ordering seeds can make it cheaper to start your garden off with than plants I would be spending at least $10 per plant for if I were to buy them already sprouted.


Hopefully to get me inspired to seriously pursue this gardening thing that I’ve said that I would start now for how many decades of married life, I have just ordered seed catalogs from the following seed companies or bookmarked their websites for future reference…




Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds…rareseeds.com.


Burpee & Co…burpee.com


John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds…kitchengardenseeds.com.



Johnny’s Selected Seeds…johnnyseeds.com


Kitazawa Seed Company…kitazawaseed.com


Park’s Seeds…parkseed.com


Seeds from Italy,..growitalian.com.


Tomato Grower’s Supply Co…tomatogrowers.com


Vermont Bean Seed Co…vermontbean.com


Wood Prairie Farm Maine Potato Catalog,..woodprairie.com.




If nothing else, I can simply spend quality couch time poring over these pages and websites…dreaming and debating over which vegetable and flower seeds to order

And if all else fails, I can resort to cutting out the pictures in the catalogs and laminating them and sticking the pictures in my garden with stakes…pretending that my garden was actually a success…and hoping for better luck next year.

Just like generations and generations of gardeners and garden wannabes have been doing for hundreds of years.