I am definitely NOT a morning person…

Yet every morning I am expected to provide a healthy and satisfying breakfast for the “resident five year old” every single morning…and that most likely does not mean tossing him a granola bar on the way out the door and expecting him to eat it in the car on the way to school…(actually it’s simply a walk across the street since we just moved)…

I have found that, like any other meal, making many breakfast foods at one time is so much smarter than every single morning having to decide what to make and then taking the time to actually make it.

Doing this can not only save you time, but can also mean that you are eating healthier meals in general.

The perfect breakfast sandwiches are healthy, hearty and satisfying…contain your choice of the perfect ingredients—such as English muffins, scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese…cheaper because you are not forking out how much money to drive through and grab a breakfast that consists of the same exact ingredients that you already had at home.…not to eve mention the fact that these homemade breakfast sandwiches have no processed and unhealthy ingredients…unlike the breakfast sandwiches you would get at a fast food joint on your way to work—such as the Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. Rather, they

…and finally they are very easy to make…simply consisting of delicious ingredients—such as crisp and buttery English muffins eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese.




  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Sprasy 9″x13″ with nonstick cooking spray.





The Eggs

Baking your eggs instead of frying them will make them softer, more fluffy, and moister.


To bake your eggs…

  1. Whisk the first six ingredients listed above together in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Pour mixture into a greased 9×12 pan.
  3. If you really are concerned about the shape of your egg “patties” and only want them to be circles…instead of squares…you could bake them in 10oz round  ramekins with one egg per cup….and then bake for about fiftteen minutes.

  4. Bake for about twenty minutes…be careful not to overcook the eggs…you want to cook them just until the center is set because the egg will cook more when you reheat your sandwich…and if you cook the eggs too much, they will be tough.
  5. Let the eggs cool.
  6. Cut them into twelve squares.

To make your breakfast sandwiches better for you…use egg whites, not the entire egg. This redeuces the cholesterol content and number of overall calories.







The Meat

As for the meat, you have several options—such as sausage, bacon. Canadian bacon, and ham.

To make your breakfast sandwiches healthier, you could use low sodium, sugar free ham or turkey.

To cook your meat…

  • Place the bacon or sausage on a large baking pan.
  • Bake for ten to fifteen minutes, alojng with eggs that we have just talked about.
  • Cook until the meat has cooked through and the bacon is crispy.
  • Set cooked meat on paper towel to drain some of the excess grease off.






The Cheese

Choose a cheese  that melts well and will complement the other ingredients.




The Bread

As far as the bread, you can use whatever you’d like—such as bagels, English muffins, or sandwich thins.


To toast them…

  • Slice the bread and place the halves on large baking sheet.
  • Brush butter evenly over the top of each slice.
  • Bake for about five minutes…until crisp and slightly toasted on the top.


To make your sandwiches healthier,

  • avoid breads that claim to be bleached, enriched, or enhanced
  • choose breads that contain at least three grams of fiber per serving.
  • look for breads that list whole grains or whole wheat as the first ingredient






Adding vegetables to your breakfast sandwiches will not only add valuable vitamins, minerals, and fiber…but will also help the sandwich seem even more hearty!

Add any vegetables you like—such as mushrooms, onions, peppers, spinach, zucchini—to the eggs before baking.




Lay down square sheets of aluminum foil for each sandwich…one that is big enough to hold one sandwich each.

Then put a layer of Saran Wrap on top of that.

Layer the ingredients in the following order…

  • Bread…English muffin or bagel half
  • Egg
  • Cheese…about 1/2 ounce per person
  • Meat…about two ounces
  • Bread…English muffin or bagel half
  • Wrap the sandwich tightly in the plastic wrap, then again tightly in the foil.

Repeat with remaining sandwiches.

If you are planning on eating your breakfast sandwich right away, bake the sandwich at 350 degrees for about five minutes…until the cheese melts.







Now that you have finished assembling and wrapping each sandwich, it’s time to stick them in the freezer with whatever other frozen assets you have added to your freezer meal account…(more ideas later)…

Place the sandwiches in a gallon-size freezer-bag or in an airtight storage container.

You could also keep them in your refrigerator up to a week.They will stay good in your freezer for up to three months….assuming that they haven’t all been eaten before then.

You could also keep them in your refrigerator up to a week.






These Breakfast Sandwiches can be reheated both while they are still frozen…and if they have been thawed out first.

You could also reheat these freezer breakfast sandwiches in a toaster oven or regular oven….using common sense to know whey they are heated through.

Once they have been reheated, you could add any additional ingredients/toppings that you would like—such as salad greens, avocado, your favorite sauce, mayonnaise, guacamole, Sriracha, Tabasco hot sauce, sliced avocado, fresh spinach leaves, freshly sliced tomatoes—so that it won’t seem so much like a freezer meal.



To reheat them while they are still frozen…

  • Microwave…Remove sandwich from wrapper. Wrap loosely with a paper towel. Microwave for 1.5 minutes, Flip, Microwazve another 1.5 minutes. Let it stand for one minute…until the sandwich is hot all the way through and the cheese is melted.
  • Oven…Preheat oven to 350. Place frozen breakfast sandwich in the oven for about fifteen minutes.

To reheat them if they are already thawed out…:  

  • Thaw overnight in the refrigerator, Remove wrapper. Placesandwich on paper towel-lined plate. Microwave one minute or just until hot.