Meat and Taters Around the World—Spain 

Next let’s look at a classic potato dish from the country Spain……Spain’s “true national” dish…. Tortilla de Patata  Also known as the Spanish omelette or Spanish tortilla, tortilla de patata are eaten across the country, for any meal of the day,…for breakfast, for dinner, served at room temperature as an appetizer…in (triangle pieces served with a forkContinue reading “Meat and Taters Around the World—Spain “

Meat and Taters Around the World—France

Okay…I’ll admith…I have been on another of my tangents away from the main purpose of this blog—crawling my way up the Raw Foods Pyramid bit by bit—to taslking about such forbidden topics as deep frying and beef stew… But potatoes are a vegetable, and vegetables are a major element of the Raw Foods Pyramid… AndContinue reading “Meat and Taters Around the World—France”

Making the Perfect Homemade Potato Chips

Sure, grabbing a bag of potato chips is pretty much expected almost every trip to the grocvery store, but if you take the time to look at the ingredient listed on a bag of typical potato chips, you would be amazed at the ingredients listed…and perhaps get home and be disappointed to find that theContinue reading “Making the Perfect Homemade Potato Chips”

Mr. Potato Head’s Other Produce-Bin Buddies

So far we have looked at two types of potatoes—waxy potatoes such as the Russet, and all-purpose such as the Yukon Gold. There are two more categories of potatoes that I would like to look at…waxy potatoes and sweet potatoes. So what are the characteristics of a waxy potato? fine-grained, dense flesh generally smaller andContinue reading “Mr. Potato Head’s Other Produce-Bin Buddies”

Making the Perfect Potato Salad

Just in time for all the upcoming summer cookouts—such as the 4th of July—next on the perfect potato recipe agenda is making the perfect potato salad. The perfect potato salad will be super creamy with the perfect potatoes creamed with the perfect dressing and combined wit just the right amounts of boiled eggs, sweet onion,Continue reading “Making the Perfect Potato Salad”

Making the Perfect Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are to dinner fare what hash browns are to breakfast fare…and in this post, we’re gonna learn how to make the best mashed potatoes ever. The perfect mashed potatoes are rich, super-creamy, and thick…and flavored with butter, sour cream, garlic and Parmesan cheese. ——————————————————— Which type of potatoes should I use? The best varietyContinue reading “Making the Perfect Mashed Potatoes”

Making the Perfect Hash Browns

Hash browns are standard breakfast fare, second only to grits in the back woods of Mississippi where I am from, and an ultimate comfort food. So what are the “perfect” hash browns…and how do you make them at home? The perfect hash browns will be perfectly and evenly golden-brown—extra crispy, crackly, and buttery on theContinue reading “Making the Perfect Hash Browns”

Making the Perfect French Fries

Homemade French Fries…why even bother when it would be so much easier either to drive thru McDonald’s or grab a bag of frozen fries out of your freezer…the one that’s probably been hiding in there for the last couple of years at least…goal for today—clean out freezer!!! Because we are talking about the deep fryingContinue reading “Making the Perfect French Fries”

Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian Friend

The Yukon Gold potato is Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian friend who was born at Ontario Agricultural College in the 1960’s and named after the “gold rush country” around the Yukon River. Flesh…yellow to gold, firm, moist, and waxy Shape…ound to oblong with a slightly flattened shape. Size…medium to large in size Skin…smooth, thin, with a gold toContinue reading “Mr. Potato Head’s Canadian Friend”

Making the Perfect Twice Baked Potatoes

There are times with a simple baked potato will not do, even how well dressed it might be. You want something “extra”…you want to take what you’ve learned about Making the Perfect Baked Potatoes and turn them into something more…something a little fancier than regular baked potatoes. The perfect twice-baked potatoes have crispy skins that are overflowing with creamyContinue reading “Making the Perfect Twice Baked Potatoes”