A Chip Off the Old Block

Now that we’ve basically covered every single use for baking soda known to man, let’s finally get back to cooking.

Our detour on the many uses for baking soda began as an ADHD tangent on the fact that baking soda can be used to make a batter for the cooking method that we’re focusing on now—deep frying.

And as soon as I hear the word “deep-frying,” my mind automatically thinks about potatoes—potato chips…and French fries…

So let’s talk potato chips…

Potato chips are obviously one of the most popular snack foods around the world…but I honestly have gotten where I hate store-bought chips. To me they often taste soggy and greasy, instead of crispy and crunchy.

Also most of the chips available at your local grocery store either contain all sorts of words that none of us can pronounce…or cost too much and have so few chips in the bag that you can’t justify spending that much.

So instead we are going to make our own potato chips that are crispy, easy to make, and a good-for-you snack your whole family will devour. 

But before we can ever expect to make the best potato chips…and French fries possible, we must first learn to select the ideal potatoes for frying…

After all, as a musician we are taught that there are only two really important parts of a performance.  It is important that you start well, and that you end well…

So let’s start well!!!


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