Dreading the Breading

Fried food can be such a temptation, or even a luxury indulgence that you only have once in a while. It can also be quite intimidating to cook at home…anf if you are going to take the time, and the risk of getting burtned, it’s worth learning how to do it correcvtly. Those times thatContinue reading “Dreading the Breading”

The Eentsy Weentsy Spider Went Into the Frying Pan

My husband and I have been married, and most night making dinner for about thirt-five years now..but there’s one thing that I have noticed. I tend to gravitate toward those cooking methods that do not require you to stand by the stove for forty-five minutes “keeping an eye” on something…and actually lean more towards stirringContinue reading “The Eentsy Weentsy Spider Went Into the Frying Pan”

I Can Bring Home the Bacon…AND Fry It Up In a Pan

  Panfrying is an easy and straightforward dry cooking method that is used all over the world, giving us such great foods as breaded pork chops and chicken cutlets. Panfrying allows you to get dinner on the table more quickly than several of the other cooking methods that we have or will be discussing…as longContinue reading “I Can Bring Home the Bacon…AND Fry It Up In a Pan”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Shandong Campaign

Shandong province was one of the first civilized areas of China, and Shandong cuisine is one of the earliest regional cuisines, dating back to the Qin Dynasty of 221 to 207 BC. Shandong cuisine, commonly known as Lu cuisine, can be described as fresh, salty, crisp and tender. As far as cooking methods, Shandong Cuisine features aContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Shandong Campaign”

Chinese Culinary Conflict—Anhui Campaign

The Anjui region is an inland area located in East China. The region surrounds the Huangshan Mountain, also referred to as Yellow Mountains. The region consists of many different types of terrain—including not only these mounjtains, but also forests and farmland. Anhui cuisine revolves around wild plants and animals, very similar to Fujian cuisine that we talking aboutContinue reading “Chinese Culinary Conflict—Anhui Campaign”

Chinese Culinary—Zhejang Campaign

Zhejiang cuisine tends to be the simplest of all Chinese regional cuisines. The focus of Zhejiang cuisine seems to be simplicity. The people of the region focus more on serving fresh seasonal produce served crispy, perhaps even raw or almost raw…much like Japanese food….fresh seafood…and Zhejiang cuisine tends to be fresh, soft, and smooth with a mellow fragrance.,.,, with a goodContinue reading “Chinese Culinary—Zhejang Campaign”