Munich Schnitzel

Münchner Schnitzel…or Munich schnitzel) for those of us who took German in school or lived there and still can’t umlaut…is a type of schnitzel that that is prepared with horseradish and/or mustard before brading.     Meat 4 pork chops 1 tsp mustard, spicy brown 1 tsp horseradish sauce .Poud out or cube pork chops. Season with salt andContinue reading “Munich Schnitzel”


Another favorite type of schnitzel commonly served in Germany is Zigeunerschnitzel. Zigeunerschnitzel, also referred to as “gypsy schnitzel” or  “paprikaschnitzel” is a pork schnitzel with a creamy sauce that contains tomato, bell peppers, and onion. You won’t find this listed in German restaurants because there has been much controversty over the use of the term “gypsy.” Continue reading “Zigeunerschnitzel”

Weiner Schnitzel

Perhaps the best known schnitzel and the one that first comes to mind whenever the topic of schnitzel comes up is weiner schnitzel. There is nothing like a perfectly breaded, perfectly fried, and perfectly crispy wiener schnitzel, complete with a juicy interior. I have eaten them many, many times.     But the truth is thatContinue reading “Weiner Schnitzel”


Mushrooms… You either love them or hate them. My daughter and my best friend actually hate them…almost as much as they hate coconut. These poor girls…they don’t know what they’re missing… If only they could try one bite of very good Jägerschnitzel, they might change their minds.     Jagerschnitzel, which translates to “hunter’s schnitzel,” was actuallyContinue reading “Jaegerschnitzel”

What’s Next?!

When my husband and I got married 32 years ago, he was active duty military. Our first assignment was Frankfurt, Germany. So here I was…a small-town girl from Mississippi bound for such a large city as Frankfurt in a country halfway around the world. Before he joined the Army I’d have to admit that IContinue reading “What’s Next?!”

Chicken Parm Here at the Farm

    I am a piano player….I have been playing piano for about 45 years now…I play all the time for all sorts of people…yet I can’t play anything if it’s not already been written out and placed in front of me… In other words, I can’t play by ear or transpose…lost my full scholarshipContinue reading “Chicken Parm Here at the Farm”

Please Don’t Feed the Ducks

Okay, so we’ve been talking lately about breading stuff…but if you’re gonna “bread” stuff, you’re probably gonna need one more thing—bread… Go figure!!! Actually you are gonna probably need breadcrumbs… Last time I cleaned out my pantry, I realized that I had twelve canisters of store-bought breadcrumbs…don’t judge…right now in my quest for a healthierContinue reading “Please Don’t Feed the Ducks”

Flour…The Other White “Stuff” That Gets All Over Your Kitchen Countertops While You Cook

Okay, so these last two posts have looked specifically at dredging your food in flour before frying… But before we leave the topic of flour, let’s talk about the different flours that are actually out there.   Typically when we thnk about flour, we all imagine the white stuff in the biggest canisteron the leftContinue reading “Flour…The Other White “Stuff” That Gets All Over Your Kitchen Countertops While You Cook”

Pan-frying…Chicken Fried Steak

  Okay, now that I have totally tempted any of my health-conscious or diabetic readers by reminding them that there are such delicious foods as fried chicken left in this world…or even grossed out my vegan readers by suggesting that they eat chicken in the first place…remember that my goal right now is to walk youContinue reading “Pan-frying…Chicken Fried Steak”

Pan-Frying 101

Okay, I know that this is ultimately supposed to be a blog about diabetes…and raw foods…and creating a healthy minimalistic lifestyle that is “politically correct”…   But being from Mississippi, there is one food that I will never give up… FRIED CHICKEN   Now that we are fighting Type 2 Diabetes in our household, theContinue reading “Pan-Frying 101”