This Blog is About Raw Foods and Diabetes…Yet You’re Gonna Tell Me to Fry Something?

Lately I have been debating whether I should go back to the Raw Foods pyramid and brutally torture its believers by taking a look at the various cooking methods that we can use to violate that tower. But I have decided that right now learning about all of the different cooking methods at one timeContinue reading “This Blog is About Raw Foods and Diabetes…Yet You’re Gonna Tell Me to Fry Something?”

How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Enhance

Now that you’ve gotten rid of whatever it might have been making your kitchen smell terrible and taken the time to clean out the fridge and shelves from rotten food, it’s time for a more fun thing to do…enhance the odors around your home. Here are a few ideas… Air Freshener…Use plug-in air fresheners, standContinue reading “How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Enhance”

How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Eliminate

I have heard so many women advise new brides that If you haven’t started dinner before your husband comes home from work, start cooking some onions…and they will think that you have been cooking for hours. I know that times have changed… But onions haven’t changed… And neither have odors throughout your home…unless you doContinue reading “How to De-Funk Your Kitchen—Eliminate”

Now What?

Now it is time to add some sort of oil to your skillet and actually start cooking your onions. As far as which oil, that’s left to you…but some choices include olive oil, butter You want to coat the bottom of the pan. Use 1tsp per onion. If you use too much oil, the onionsContinue reading “Now What?”

How to Caramelize Onions—Review of the Sauteeing Method of Cooking

Now we’ve covered all the different steps involved in our first cooking method—sauteeing. But before we move on to our next cooking method and slowly re-begin our crawl through the raw foods pyramid, I’d like to review the method…by telling you how to caramelize onions… Caramelizing an onion brings out the natural rich and savory sweetnessContinue reading “How to Caramelize Onions—Review of the Sauteeing Method of Cooking”

Don’t Just Gaze…When You Could Deglaze

Now that you have finished sauteeing whatever it is that you are sauteeing, you will find that your skillet has little bits of brown stuff still stuck to the bottom. Your first thought as you gaze at this skillet that you dread cleaning is that you now have to get out a Brillo and cleanContinue reading “Don’t Just Gaze…When You Could Deglaze”

How to Saute Your Meats and Vegetables

What is Sauteeing?…Sautéing uses relatively high, dry heat and motion to quickly brown meats and vegetables in a small amount of far. Sautéing also gives food a lot of flavor in a short amount of time. As far as meat, sautéing is a great way to cook meat because this method not only tenderizes theContinue reading “How to Saute Your Meats and Vegetables”

9 More Cooking Oils to Stick Under Your Kitchen Sink Also

So we’re getting our oil ready to start cooking—finally—but as you grab under the sink, you’re met by how many choices of oil—not to mention whatever other bottles might be down there…so choose your bottle carefully. In the last article, we looked at olive oil and almond oil as two choices… Here are a fewContinue reading “9 More Cooking Oils to Stick Under Your Kitchen Sink Also”

Best Cooking Oils to Use for Diabetics

The next step in our learning how to saute food is choosing which oil we would like to cook in. There are at least a dozen choices out there…each of which not only affects the final taste of your food, but also your health—even more so as a diabetic. Let’s take a look at someContinue reading “Best Cooking Oils to Use for Diabetics”

Some Like It Hot

Before you start to actually sauté your ingredients, you should preheat your pan for a few minutes.  Making sure that your pan is at the proper temperature before adding oil or ingredients. Meat…As far as cooking meat, heating the skillet before adding any oil or ingredients—such as chicken or pork chop—will mean that your meat willContinue reading “Some Like It Hot”