And to All a Good Night

January 1 *A Series of Unfortunate Events, Season 3 Across the Universe Babel Black Hawk Down City of God *COMEDIANS of the world Definitely, Maybe Godzilla Happy Feet Hell or High Water I Know What You Did Last Summer Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade IndianaContinue reading “And to All a Good Night”

Drop Your Drawers

Although you keep your kitchen drawers closed until you need something out of there…and although no guest in their right mind would ever rummage through them, it is still worth the time and effort to organize your drawers. Taking the time to organize your kitchen drawers will allow you to… maximize your space no longerContinue reading “Drop Your Drawers”

Why Being Organized in the Kitchen Matters

As with any goal, you can spend way too much time… analyzing every tool offered online dreaming that the job was already done talking to others thinking about what would be the best way to get started reading every article and book in sight about your goal wishing that someone else could or would doContinue reading “Why Being Organized in the Kitchen Matters”

And To All A Good Night

My initial goal when starting this blog was to take you on my journey to establishing a bed and breakfast in Oxford, Mississippi…but this dream has taken a sudden backseat as we now find ourselves raising our grandson…becoming a “new mother” at the age of fifty. So this has been a journey, or “Now What,”Continue reading “And To All A Good Night”

What’s Next?

Everyone seems to be studying and talking about the “Kon Mari” method of organizijng your home…and “Tidying U” has become one of the most watched things on Netflix… But why does this matter for those who are not obsessive-comulsive… Actually there are several reasons to take the time, thought, and effort to organize your house,Continue reading “What’s Next?”

Salad Dressing…Oh What a Blessing…

      Finally now that you’ve gotten the best salad greens and the best vegetables into your bowl, what do you have? Just a bowl of salad greens and vegetables, right? What makes a salad actually a salad is salad dressing. And what makes countless other foods—such as wings, pizza, breadsticks, chicken nuggets, French fries,Continue reading “Salad Dressing…Oh What a Blessing…”

Here’s to a Super Bowl

Now that we’ve learned that there are way more salad greens to choose from than the ordinary iceberg lettuce, let’s talk about the good stuff that actually makes salad good. One major difference that makes a salad that you actually enjoy eating better than the salad that you dread seating is using just as manyContinue reading “Here’s to a Super Bowl”

You Mean There Actually Are Other Leafy Greens Besides Iceberg?

So we’ve decided to raise the bar on our salad bar… And learned that as far as nutrition goes, iceberg lettuce is at the bottom of the totem pole… But what leafy green is out there lurking at the local grocery store or farmer’s market? Below is a list of several varieties that you couldContinue reading “You Mean There Actually Are Other Leafy Greens Besides Iceberg?”

Raising the Bar at the Salad Bar

If you’re gonna eat lettuce and carrots like a rabbit because you’re on a diet or a diabetic or health nut…you will very quickly get sick and tired of the average bagged salad that sits in your fridge drawer quickly forgotten until it starts smelling bad or you stumble on it when looking for somethingContinue reading “Raising the Bar at the Salad Bar”