Kimchi—The What Else—Star Anise

Star anise is another spice to look for on your journey through an Asian market or website. Star anise comes from the seed pod from the fruit of the Illicium verum plant, a small evergreen shrub which is native to Southwest China and northeast Vietnam. As far as shape, the star anise that comes fromContinue reading “Kimchi—The What Else—Star Anise”

Kimchi—What Else—Sichuan Pepper

Another item to look for when surfing Asian websites or walking through your nearest Asian market is Sichuan pepper. Let’s start off by talking about what Sichuan pepper is not… Sichuan pepper is NOT… a chile pepper at all actually from a pepper plant closely related to either black pepper or the chili pepper hotContinue reading “Kimchi—What Else—Sichuan Pepper”

Kimchi—The What Else—Gochujang

Another well-known Korean specialty ingredient to look for while surfing Korean websites or walking through an Asian market is gochujang. Gochujang is a dark red chili paste with a savory, sweet, and spicy flavor and a thick and sticky texture. This fermented condiment is made from the following ingredients… Red Chili Powder…This chili powder is made fromContinue reading “Kimchi—The What Else—Gochujang”

Kimchi—The What Else—Five Spice Powder

  One of the other spices, or spice blends, that you should also grab when you’re ordering from the Asian market is five spice powder. Five-spice powder or Wuxiang powder is a very powerful spice blend of cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise, and Szechwan peppercorns—that is a very common ingredient in Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine.Continue reading “Kimchi—The What Else—Five Spice Powder”

Kimchi—The What Else—Spices—Dried Chiles

fn the last post I gave a list of sites where you could buy kimchee… But some of these sites I found quite interesting. So being the foodie that I am, I did some research on other spices and ingredients that you might be interested in so that browing through these Korean sites might notContinue reading “Kimchi—The What Else—Spices—Dried Chiles”

Kimchi—The Where

Okay, so now we all know how to make our own kimchee… But how many of us actually have time, especially during this crazy holiday season, to actually make our own kimchee. Sure you could just go to Walmart and order whatever kimchee they happen to have in stock… Or even take advantage of the convenienceContinue reading “Kimchi—The Where”

Kimchee—The How

Since this has been the year that I have tried to eliminate processed foods from my family’s diet, I thought that I’d try making my own kimchee. Making kimchee involves using the same fermentation as making your own  sauerkraut or dill pickles. This means first soaking the cabbage in a salty brine to kill off harmfulContinue reading “Kimchee—The How”

Kimchee—The Why

But perhaps the biggest advantage of adding kimchee to your diet is the fact that is has been fermented. Fermenting foods involves converting a carbohydrate into an acid or an alcohol, Food that has been fermented has a high content of lactobacilli, “good” bacteria also known as probiotics. Probiotics are important to our overall health in many ways,Continue reading “Kimchee—The Why”

Kimchee-The What?

Forget cigarettes…Give me kimchee. Forget making cookies in the weeks before Christmas…Let’s all make kimchee. Forget quilting bees and craft nights…Let’s all get together to make kimchee. Forget cheese…We want kimchee. Supposedly this can all be said of the Korean nation, where the average person consumes about fotty pounds of kimchee per year. To putContinue reading “Kimchee-The What?”

10 Ways to Improve Refrigerator Raids These Holidays

Having a bigger fridge will be the perfect answer to your food storage needs. Like everything else, a bigger space simply gives you a bigger area to make a bigger mess, right? Instead of a bigger fridge, you need a smarter fridge…or at least a smarter fridge organization system. Having a “smarter” fridge means havingContinue reading “10 Ways to Improve Refrigerator Raids These Holidays”