Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Bok Choy…The What?!

Bok choy is a deep green leafy vegetable that resembles Romaine lettuce on top and a large celery on the bottom, bok choy is a crucifer more closely related to cabbage.

Most of us relate bok choy, also known as “Chinese cabbage,”  to Chinese cooking for some strange reason, but this is limiting the uses of this delicious, crunchy, sweet and refreshing vegetable.

Bok choy has been a Chinese food and medicine favorite for centuries, leafy green

In fact, the name “bok choy” originated from the Chinese word for “soup spoon” because of the shape of its leaves.


There are actually over twenty varieties of bokj choy available. These include…

  1. Baby bok choy…a miniaturized version of bok choy found in Asian and Chinese supermarkets
  2. Chinensis bok choy…do not form heads and have smooth, dark green leaf blades, much like mustard greens or celery
  3. Choy sum or bok choy sum…light green leaves and tiny yellow flowers, also known as Chinese flowering cabbage…expect to pay more for choy sum because it is like the artichoke heart in an artichoke.
  4. Shanghai bok choy… which has light green leaves
  • Bok choy is becoming more and more popular here in America and can be used in many different ways—including salads, soups and stir-fries.
  • In the next two following posts, let’s check out why we should add bok choy to our grocery lists and how to use it.

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