Sugar Ain’t So Sweet After All

Another problem with processed foods in that the main ingredient in most of this processed food is a whole lot of sugar. The typical American today consumes seven tablespoons of sugar a day in processed foods, more than half as much as thirty years ago. Grocery store shelves are crammed with all sorts of foods that containContinue reading “Sugar Ain’t So Sweet After All”

Fiber–The How-Nots

So now that we have looked at exactly what fiber is, why we need it, and some of the best sources for getting the fiber that we all need, let’s finish this series of posts by looking at a few ways NOT to try to get the fiber that you need.   Taking a fiber supplementContinue reading “Fiber–The How-Nots”

Fiber—The How Else?!

Okay, now we know specifically which fruits and vegetables can help us reach our DV of fiber, but what else can help us reach this daily goal, or the goal of getting seven to ten grams of fiber at each meal. Let’s take a look… Legumes Black Beans…Black beans are a nutrient-dense legume that contain fifteen gramsContinue reading “Fiber—The How Else?!”