Over the last year I have spent the first hour of each day writing…writing this so-called blog, writing in my journal, writing in my Happy Planner, writing in my journaling Bible, or writing on any other paper that might be within hand’s reach first thing in the morning.

Writing has now become such an ingrained habit in my daily routine that if I don’t get this opportunity to write for an hour, my whole day is shot straight to hell…well, not quite that…but does get off to a bad start.


But what did it take for this writing habit to become as normal a part of daily existence as closing the refrigerator door after opening it?! What does it take for almost any habit to become so habitual that you rarely have to think about it anymore at all?


The first step to adopting a new habit is to recognize the obstacles that are standing in your way and find ways to overcome them.


Obstacles are one of those things that you either love or hate…

There are so many different obstacles that each of us must overcome, regardless of who we are, what we do, how we believe, or any other regardless that we could possibly think of.


And you either see obstacles as challenges or view them as excuses to give up and quit.



But your reaction to these obstacles is a choice.

We could all allow our whatever-they-may-be obstacles to hinder us from achieving, or even attempting, our goals…

Or we could allow these obstacles to only slow our progress and make us try harder…still continuing forward, but not giving up.


So in this “Now What” series of posts, I am going to talk about how I overcame one of my hardest obstacles—the ability to wake up in the morning…and developed the new habit of writing, especially after starting all of the tools in our previous “Now What” section about ways to get the best sleep ever.