The “About Me” Blog Page

(posting this here because I just updated my “about me” page today and wanted to see if I could get any feedback, positive or negative, about what I have written, as I start reworking my site… …yes, I do know that’s not me, just the me that I aspire to be perhaps… …no, not offContinue reading “The “About Me” Blog Page”

Essential Oil of the Month—March 2018—Bergamot

When I first heard of bergamot essential oil and found out that it was a citrus fruit, my initial reaction was, “Gee, I’ve never heard of that before. Let’s go to Sprouts and go buy some bergamot oranges.” But nestled among all the other citrus fruits, there was no sign of the bergamot orange. PerhapsContinue reading “Essential Oil of the Month—March 2018—Bergamot”