Getting Healthy, Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Seven Signifignant Soapmaking Sources

  As a new inductee to the world of essential oils, I am constantly looking for information from a lot of websites and blogs, but not all of these blogs are worth the time and effort…and can often make me feel even more confused.

Here is a list of the most useful blogs that I have found so far…

    1.  Aroma Web

    • Founded…1997
    • Founder…Wendy Robbins
    • Home Base.…Michigan
    • Managed by..…AromaWeb, LLC
    • Topics…over sixty recipes, the table of contents for a large number of books related to holistic aromatherapy essential oils and natural living, essential oil profile


     2.  Essential Oil Sanctuary

    • Founder…Loren
    • Topics…experiences and tips about natural methods, a series of different articles talking about groups of oil for essential purposes in our daily life


    3.  Mommypotamus

    • Founder…Heather
    • Topics…recipes,  DIY projects, natural remedies, the particular features of a large of number essential oils, excellent tips for beauty care and health care, the pros and cons of some natural oils on the market



    4.  Natural Beauty Tips

    natural tips for hair care, skin care, lip care, face care, beauty care, and health care


      5.  Natural Living Ideas

      basic tips for natural health, home decoration, natural beauty,  gardening, herb and essential oils

        6.  Nature’s Garden

        • Foundedin 1997 by Deborah and Mike Ward
        • Topics…homemade candles and bath products, incense, soap, essential oils, fragrance oils, and cosmetics


          7.  Wellness Mama 

          •  Founder…Katie, the “Wellness Mama” 
          • Goal…to help make the transition to living naturally easier for you than it has been for me, and to share my own journey
          • Topics…practical tips, real food recipes, natural living and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies, beauty recipes and health hacks with natural ingredients, and so much more

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