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  How to Make Your Own Body Wash

Lately I have been on a personal crusade to evaluate the products that I use at home and to simplify our family’s lifestyle, one product at a time.

But often researching ingredients, reading and re-reading labels, and investigating company policies takes way more time, money, and effort than simply making the that product yourself.

Going the all-natural route for body and skin care means knowing what exactly goes into the products you are using…and often the best way to know what’s in something is simply to make that “something” yourself.

    The basic formula for making your own unique body washes is… equal amounts of an organic Castille soap and a water-based ingredient. Let me walk you through this…


    Dissolve 1tsp sea salt with 3oz of a hydrosol, in a Pyrex measuring glass. Dissolve salt completely. (A second option would be to simply mix together ½ cup raw honey and ½ cup coconut oil.)

      Hydrosols, as I have learned so far, are basically aromatic waters that have similar therapeutic properties to essential oils, but are much less concentrated. 

      Add 1Tbsp organic moisturizing oil, as desired. Good examples would be olive, coconut, jojoba, grape seed, refined avocado, or almond oil.  Adding oils such as these allow the body wash to be easily absorbed by the skin, making it more moisturizing. 

      Another oil commonly used is Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil is a natural preservative and moisturizing antioxidant that helps lengthen the shelf life of your homemade body and skincare products. 

      If using capsules, add the content of one gel capsule to your mixture.


        3.  Add thirty drops of organic essential oils, as desired.

        Typically, essential oils are added to your body wash is to make it simply smell good, but essential oils can also soothe, repair, heal, disinfect, and deodorize. For example,…

        • 1.  Chamomile…great for dry and sensitive skin, acne, eczema, and dermatitis.
        • 2.  Frankincense…great for facial and back acne
        • 3.  Geranium…great for oily complexions, acne, mature skin, eczema, and dermatitis
        • 4.  Grapefruit…great for oily skin
        • 5.  Lavender…great for very sensitive skin, mature skin, and itchy skin
        • 6.  Lemon…great for skin tone
        • 7.  Patchouli…great for acne, cracked and chapped skin, eczema, oily skin, and mature skin.
        • 8.  Peppermint…great for acne
        • 9.  Rosemary…great for acne, eczema, and dermatitis
        • 10.  Sandalwood…great for acne, dry, cracked, chapped skin, wrinkles, and mature skin.
        • 11.  Sweet Orange…great for dull or oily skin.
        • 12.  Tea Tree…great for acne, oily skin, rashes, and inflamed skin
        • 13..Yiang Ylang…great for general skin care, irritated skin, oily skin, and acne


        Add 3oz pure liquid castille soap. Funnel into your container.

        Pure liquid castile soap, scented or unscented, is one of the gentlest soaps available. It is made from non-toxic ingredients, safe on the skin and does not pollute the environment.

        Feel free to use scented or unscented  soap. If using scented  soap you can omit the essential oils, or go ahead and add them for their therapeutic benefits. (Note: Peppermint castile soap may be a little uncomfortably tingly on sensitive areas for some.) (find it here)Castile soap – Also known as vegetable soap,