First deciding to make the change to a different lifestyle-–whether it be cruelty-free beauty, veganism or vegetarian, mndful living, or even a minimalistic lifestyle—can be a bit overwhelming.

If our goal is to actually change our way of living, and not simply claim to have picked up on such lifestyles because they just happen to be the “latest and greatest trend,” it is important to find like-minded people as you journey along the path.

Cruelty free blogs are one great source to find such like-minded people as you journey along the path to cruelty-free beauty. 

Not only will blogs allow you to connect with others making that same journey, but cruelty-free blogs will help you find out whether your favorite beauty brands test on animals, discover the latest cruelty-free product releases, and exchange cruelty-free beauty tips and inspirations.

More and more bloggers today focus on cruelty-free cosmetics, animal rights, vegan lifestyle, being mindful about the products you choose on a daily basis, and anything and everything else related to that topic.

Below is a list of such blogs that I have recently started following on a daily basis.

I hope you will also find those blogs useful and inspiring as we move slowly, step-by step, towards having a better quality of life–one individual at a time, one product at a time..


1.  A Life Cosmethic

Author…managed by two sisters – Carolyn and Sarah, and the story of their journey to find the best cruelty-free and ethical available “cosmethics”

……Combining “cosmetics” with “ethics” to create “cosmethics.”

…to provide information to help readers choose, find and buy great cruelty-free and ethical cosmetic brands and products.

Topics covered
…everything cruelty-free–from baby products, through fragrances and make up, to cleaning products


    2. Coffee and Heels 

    Author…Sascha Camilli, a “fashion-obsessed” vegan who currently lives in London in 2011. In 2013 she was selected for the Marie Claire UK Inspire & Mentor Scheme and mentored to launch Vilda, the world’s first online vegan fashion magazine.She also manages public relations for PETA UK.

    Mission Statement…
    “I don’t write only for the vegan crowd, but for everyone who’s curious towards a more compassionate lifestyle. And if you think about it…coffee and heels are two of the things that we new vegans have to “tweak” to adapt to our new lifestyle is, well, the coffee (that has to have soy milk instead of cow’s milk) and the heels (that have to be faux leather). So there’s a thought to that.”

    .”Compassion is a true source of happiness” – Dalai Lama

    Topics covered…
    a personal diary infused with vegan fashion, cruelty-free beauty, yummy recipes and other adventures, plus travel diaries and my thoughts on everything from vegan chocolate cake to following your dreams.

    3.  Cruelty Free Kitty


    …to provide a complete, honest, and trustworthy resource about cruelty free brands and products

    Topics covered..
    probably the most accurate and up to date information 

    4.  Je T’aime by Hotashi
    Author…Hotashi, a Canadian

      Topics covered...cruelty-free beauty products available in Canada, her personal experience with living cruelty-free, the difficulties she faces and how she overcomes them.  

         5.  Logical Harmony

        Author…Tashina Combs

        Mission…to show that you can be animal-friendly without giving up anything

        Topics covered…vegan beauty, product reviews, and the promotion of a healthy and animal-friendly lifestyle.

        6. Lovely Witches

        1. Author…GemIma from South Wales, UK
        2. Purpose…to provide positive and encouraging place to find  recommendations for cruelty-free beauty products
        3. Topics covered…cruelty-free cosmetics, skin care, hair care and vegan products…switching to cruelty-free products 


        7. My Beauty Bunny

        Author…award-winning, Los Angeles-based beauty blogger Jen Mathews

        Founded…April 2009

        Mission…to find the best in beauty from companies who do not test on animals

        Topics covered…the absolute latest and newest cruelty-free beauty, hair, makeup and skincare products


        8.  Paint + Tofu


        Topics covered…vegan recipes and DIY projects


          9.  Phyrra

          Author…Courtney, a writer and a beauty addict

          Topics covered...cruelty-free products and brands, honest reviews, how-to’s, lifestyle tips, pale girl beauty, hooded eye makeup, cruelty free beauty, and vegan fashion

          10.  The Little Foxes

          Author…Ashlee Piper

          Mission Statement…“I believe in living a conscious, compassionate, bold, passionate, fearless life with two primary goals: 1) Be happy and appreciative, and 2) Do things that help others (people, animals, this big spinning eco-system we live in) live better, rest easier, and flourish”

          Topics covered…vegan lifestyle blog featuring beauty, recipes, fashion, and cruelty-free beauty giveaways

          11.  The Vegan Chickpea


          Mission Statement...I’m going to make everything around me beautiful- that will be my life.”-Elsie de Wolfe

          Topics covered...vegan beauty and fashion advice, what’s hot or not in the vegan community, inspirational and helpful product reviews, conscious consumerism, cruelty-free beauty, living a minimalistic, vegan lifestyle, and maintaining a healthy, active existence.


          12. The Vegan Taff

          Author…Kelly, a beauty obsessed vegan from Wales

            Topics covered…budget-friendly cruelty-free beauty products, reviews arranged by alphabetical order so that you can quickly find the product which you’re looking for

            13. Vegan Beauty Review

            Author…Sunny, who has been living a cruelty-free lifestyle since the year 2000…co-author of The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty which is filled with recipes for vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free makeup, skin and hair products
            Founded…the first vegan beauty blogger to hit the internet in 2007 
            Topics covered...the latest scoop on cruelty-free beauty products, the “expert” in vegan and cruelty-free deodorants, mommy and baby vegan products, cruelty-free resources, reviews, and recipes  

              14.  Vegan Consultant
              Author…Jenn from Las Vegas, NV 

                Purpose…to help you make cruelty free, plant-powered, compassionate, healthier, and more sustainable choices…to build a community of understanding where each of us in our journey and help inspire positive change through leading by example

                Topics covered…resources, guidance, recipes, tips, tricks and inspiration to help you make these changes and to help make the choices easier for you