Getting Dressed


A well-chosen skirt can be an important addition to any woman’s wardrobe, and an abundance of different styles makes it possible to find a skirt for just about any occasion.

Skirts add virtually limitless possibilities when creating capsule wardrobes. Skirts are more versatile than dresses because simply changing the top can give you a totally new outfit.

First secure the basic skirt essentials in neutral colors such as black, browns, whites and gray. These colors blend in with all seasons and most occasions – from fall to summer, andgo with all color combinations.Your skirt essentials should also be easy to combine with other clothes. So leave out patterns and frilly add-ons.

After you’ve bought all the basics, add more skirts in colors and styles that reflect your personality. Experiment to find those skirts with your best colors, prints, and hemline shapes.

Color…Solid neutrals–like black, navy, cream, and khaki–will be worn most often because they can be paired with many different tops to create several different looks.

Length...Lengths range from mid-thigh, to above the knee, to at the knee, to below the knee, to mid-calf, to ankle length.

Business skirts are typically knee length, or just above the knee. Knee length skirts flatter women over forty the most because they show of your full calves and create a slimming, elongated look. Knee length skirts will always be the smartest choice.

Long skirts are generally more casual, but can often be overwhelming and awkward.

Short skirts show off more leg, while long skirts are more modest, and usually more practical for everyday wear.

Material…Material choices are vast, causing some women to feel overwhelmed with options…and the material of the skirt is important because this determines how it looks and when it is most appropriate to be worn.

Knowing what a skirt will mainly be worn for can be helpful in determining what material to look for.

Certain fabrics are preferable to others, but woven fabric with tight weaves stands up well, does not shrink significantly, launders easier, and needs less ironing.

Heavy fabrics–such as wool, canvas, and denim–are great during the colder months.

Lightweight materials like chiffon are better when lined, so that they hold up longer over time and are less transparent.

Fit…It is important to choose a skirt that fits correctly, so take the time to actually measure your hips and waist before going shopping.

Choose a skirt that fits properly at the waist. The skirt should is tailored, but not too tight.

Women with large hips should always choose their skirt size based on hip size. High waisted pencil skirts and fitted miniskirts will also have to fit over your hips. For professional wear, choose a skirt that is a few inches bigger than your actual measurement.

Body Type…Some skirt styles are a simply more flattering to certain body types than others. Knowing your personal body type allows you to focus only on those skirts that are best suited to your natural figure.

Full-figured women look best in sleek pencil skirts that hug your curves in all the right spots, and skirts that fall just below the knee that will hide larger knees and help calves look slimmer.

Taller women look best in long skirts and dark colors ..and should avoid bulky pleated and ruffled styles

Pear-shaped women, those of us who are biggest on the bottom, look best in A-line and pleated skirts

Petite women look best in skirts that make your legs look longer, such as high-waisted skirts and fitted skirts that fall above the knee. Also avoid long skirts because they can appear overwhelming. Instead look for large patterns and bold florals to draw the eye downward.

Women with “boy-shaped” bodies can wear many different skirt styles—such as clingy knit skirts that enhance limited curves…and .ruffled or tiered styles with fitted waistlines that create and add shape and substance to figures that lack natural curves.

Shopping for Skirts…Trying various styles will help you find a skirt that looks good and fits comfortably.

The best skirts will be those that best match your personality, show off your best features, and hide or disguise any flaws. Also think about where the skirt will be worn and what the weather will be.

Knowing the different skirt styles available can help make it easier for you to find the perfect skirt.

1.  A-Line…A-line skirts are fitted at the waist and wider at the hemline…creating a triangular; “A-shaped” appearance. A-line skirts are rather casual and look especially nice on curvy women.

2.  Asymmetrical Hem …The classic asymmetrical skirt is usually made from lighter fabrics, has some panels falling longer than the others, and obviously has an uneven hem The layers of light but voluminous fabric in this style provides a very feminine look.

3.  Bubble…The bubble skirt consists of layers and layers of fabric either wrapping around in semi-circles or draping down to create a puffy silhouette, commonly referred to as the “bubble.”

The volume and draping of the extra fabric and the tucking of the hem underneath creates a puffy look; perhaps not a good thing for most of us.

4.  Circle…Circle skirts are full skirts with fabric descending from the waist to form a perfect circle at the hem.They are made in a variety of fabrics and lengths.


Skirts worth having…

  • Pencil skirts
  • Sarongs



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