Finding the perfect pair of pants can also be challenging. So here are a few questions to ask yourself when shopping for the perfect pair..

1. Are the pants lined? Lined pants can help conceal any lumps or bumps.

2. Are the pants too high?

3. Are the pants too low?

4. Are the pants too tight?

5. Are there creases or “smiling” across the crotch?

6. Can you can grab at least an inch of extra fabric on your thighs?

7. Do the pants sit too far below the belly button?

8. Do you have a visible pantyline?

9. Do you have the dreaded “camel toe,” outline of your lady parts, through the pants?

10. What material are the pants made from? A heavier fabric, like wool gabardine or cotton twill,are more flattering. 
Now for a few brands and styles that I have found to be the best fitting through the years…your body type (and what is your body type)? classic trousers from popular labels: 


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