All women face challenges when shopping for  that “perfect” pair of jeans 

Jeans are a year-long wardrobe staple, so finding ones that don’t look like “mom” jeans, give us the comfortability that we crave, and actually flatter our changing bodies often takes effort, diligence, and endurance.

Questions to ask yourself when shopping for the “perfect” pair of jeans include…

  • Are they long enough to roll down and wear with boots? 
  • Are they long enough to roll up and wear with sandals?
  • Are they “suffocating” you?
  • Are they too high or two low?
  • Do they allow just the right amount of stretch to hug your curves? 
  • How do they fit around the waist?
  • How good or bad does your butt look in these jeans?
  • Would you haveto wear a belt with them?
  • There are several different cuts of jeans available. these include…

1.  Boot-cut…Boot-cut jeans-those that are fitted around the thighs and butt, but a little more relaxed around the calves and ankles-help “balance” out your figure.

2.  High-Waisted…High-waisted jeans accentuate and flatter your waist, and will elongate your legs. Petites look best in high-rise jeans for this reason.

3.  Low-Rise Jeans...Tall women, on the other hand, look best in low-rise jeans, but be careful not to pick a pair that is so low rise that they expose a little too much of your curves, such as your butt crack,  every time you sit down…

4.  Skinny Jeans…A pair of streamlined skinnies creates a sleek look, but also accentuates your shape and highlights your curves….(which could be either a good or bad thing). They can also make your legs appear a few extra inches longer. Choose a pair of skinny leg jeans that has a contoured waist and is made from a stretchy material that will “give a little” in the hips and rear. Steer clear of a super skinny, too-tight-of-a-fit jeans.

Other things to pay attention to…

  • Dark wash denim creates a slimming effect. 
  • Higher prices don’t always mean better fit or quality.
  • Lighter color washes draw the eye downward.
  • Struggling to get into the legs is a key to finding good jeans. If the jeans you try go on easily, go down a size. Jeans always stretch.
  • The waistband should be snug enough to fit two fingers down the back. If you can fit your whole hand, they are too loose, if only one or no fingers, they are too tight.

Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick Skinny jeans…$188

 Levi’s Curve ID Low Rise Bold Curve Skinny Jeans…$80


Lucky Brand Charlie Low-Rise Skinny Jeans…$60

      Lauren Conrad Slim Bootcut Jeans…$20


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