Dressing Without Stressing…The “F Word” — September 27, 2017

Dressing Without Stressing…The “F Word”

This year I set out on a quest to simplify each area of my life,starting with an attempt to create the perfect 40-piece capsule wardrobe…a wardrobe that supposedly would…

(1) eliminate the amount of time spent folding, organizing, buying and washing clothes

(2) fill my closet with clothes that make me feel fantastic, that I absolutely love, and that make me happy.

(3) keep me from mindlessly shopping despite the fact that I clearly have tons of clothing already

(4) keep me from staring at a closet full of clothing each morning, and yet feeling that I have nothing to wear

(5) weed out those pieces that I actually never wear
Many people seem to think that forty is the perfect number of items in the capsule wardrobe, but trying to consolidate my wardrobe into the perfect number has actually taught me many things are way more important than the number of items you have hanging in your closet.

1. Face the Facts…

Be completely honest with who you are now…not the person you used to be, the person you hope to one day become, or some other type of person that you honestly are not. Don’t think about what you wish you could afford, wish you could fit, and wish you had the lifestyle to wear.

2. Fewer But Better…

Buying fewer clothes will allow you to purchase higher quality, longer-lasting pieces that would otherwise be too expensive.

3. Figure Out What You Actually Need..

.Having a list of what you already have and getting rid of those things that are simply occupying space enables you to actually see what you already have, figure what else you need, and create different outfit combinations.The following list of items might give you some idea of what your wardrobe might consist of.

Tops…1 trench…2 blazers…3 dresses…1 cardigan…2 lightweight sweaters…5 blouses…a layering tank…4 T-shirts

Bottoms..1 skirt…2 pairs of shorts…1 pair of white linen pants, full length…3 pairs of cropped pants (one colored, one khaki, one black)…1 pair of boyfriend jeans

Accessories…2 scarves…3 necklaces…1 set of bangles…1 cocktail ring…1 pair of sunglasses…1 neutral handbag…4 pairs of shoes

4. Find Your Favorites…

Your capsule wardrobe should consist only of those items Thad you absolutely love…Notice what gets the most wear and why. This can help you figure out what NOT to purchase in the future.

5. Find Your Niche..

Your lifestyle, tastes, job, budget, and even the climate will all play a role in defining what works for you. Define your own “personal style” and color palette. This will allow you to be more specific and selective when shopping.

6. Fit the Puzzle Together…..

Never buy anything if it doesn’t go with at least two to four other pieces. .Look for those retailers who best fit your figure, your budget, and your lifestyle.

7. Forget Following the Trends..

Forget following trends that will be gone next year and replaced with new trends. Classics, such as a white buttondown and khaki pants, are the basics

8. Forget the Forty…

Forty is not some magical wardrobe number. No dress, skirt, or perfect 40-piece capsule wardrobe will magically transform your life or make you look ten years younger and twenty pounds thinner. What matters is that you have a wardrobe of clothing that you absolutely love and can’t bear to part with.