Brushing your hair serves many different purposes…including detangling hair, perfecting your style, distributing the sebum and oils from your scalp and along each strand of hair, keeping your hair healthy, and preventing oil from building up at the root and making a greasy look.

    And hair brushes are available in many different styles and materials.

      Although choosing the right brush for your styling needs and hair type  might seem straightforward, choosingwhich brush you should choose should depend on both your hair type and the task you need it to achieve.

        Here are a few options available in hair brushes available and the purpose each brush is designed for…   

          1.  Detangling brushes, such as this EcoTools Detangler Paddle Brush, are a great option for evenly distributing oils without causing frizz or damage, keeping hair smooth, and removing tangles.  
          The  EcoTools Detangler Paddle Brush has a sustainable bamboo handle, 100% cruelty-free nylon bristles, large paddle, and a vented cushion to provide maximum detangling with minimal pulling and damage.

          This brush also allows you to conserve electricity because its design allows you to dry your hair in 20% less time, and as a result helping you to keep your hair healthier.
          2.  Sculpting brushes, such as this Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush, are a great option for helping to heat style your wet hair, reducing static and frizz, and smoothing and softening hair.This brush has nylon bristles have ball tips, an air-cushioned “ouchless” pad, and is specially designed to detangle hair before styling.
          3.  Teasing brushes, such as this Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brushhave several rows of bristles in staggering heights to allow you to quickly get the most volume at your roots as possible when “backcombing” your hair, meaning less damage to your hair. 


           4.  Thermal brushes, such as this SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush,
          are a great option for providing volume and lift, helping to prevent flat hair midway through the day, heat styling with a blow dryer, and helping you dry your hair faster because of its big, round metallic or ceramic barrel.

          5.  Volumizer brushes, such as this Denman D31 – Medium 7 row volumizing brush, eliminate frizz, fly-aways, and static…give “second-day hair”  lift, volume, and body…and keep your style looking fabulous, even between shampoos.


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