By no means am I trying to write a fashion/beauty blog…nor do I claim to be a makeup artist or professional model…

But I am definitely a minimalist…and am trying to become more and more organized and to live more and more “intentionally” every day, in every aspect of my life…

That being said, last month my “Getting Dressed” goal was to start creating a “capsule wardrobe” of my own.

Now that I have started pulling together a capsule wardrobe, the next logical step is to start pulling together a “capsule makeup wardrobe.” 

Having an “intentional” clothing wardrobe and an “intentional” makeup stash will allow you to…

  • get dressed and out the door faster each morning…giving you a few more minutes to sleep and not feel so guilty about hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock
  • invest your budget allowance for personal appearance only in items that you  that you love and that actually fit your body, lifestyle, and desired image 
  • know what pieces to buy in the future so that you don’t fall victim to whatever the latest trend is, only to regret it later
  • save space and maintain a much neater closet, dresser, and vanity 
  • save time by making the “first thing that you grab” actually an excellent choice  

The steps to creating a capsule or “intentional” wardrobe were to…

1.  Take the time to decide and then visualize what your ideal wardrobe would look like by creating an inspiration board….browsing Pinterest…looking through your favourite fashion blogs…and looking at books and online shops. 

2.  Take everything out of your closet. Now that everything is out, everything will either need to ‘earn’ its way back in or head straight out the door and either taken to the curb or Goodwill.

3.  Throw away anything that is stained, has holes, is actually falling into pieces, wouldn’t be caught dead in, and why in heck did I ever buy that in the first place…

4.  Pull out those things that you absolutely love. Immediately put these items back in the closet…checking for and dealing with clothes that need to be ironed, have a seam that needs to be repaired, need to be taken to the dry cleaners, need a button sewn back on, and so forth.

5.  Pull out those things that you absolutely hate. Bag them up for Goodwill.

6.  Decide what else to keep and to give away…

7.  Organize your closet. Keep it that way.

    So, just like in creating the perfect makeup stash, the first step is to decide your “signature style” would be…(more on this later)…

    Next take out every single item of makeup you own. 

    Now  get rid of any old, expired, broken, damaged, or dried-up products. 
    Cosmetics, unlike food, are not required to have expiration dates on the packaging…yet It’s important to replace cosmetics before they expire in order to prevent skin irritation and eye infections.

    One recent study found that 89% of women hoard old makeup…and fewer than one in five of us trash mascara within the recommended three months.

    Keep track of when you opened everything you buy for your stash and their expiration dates by using a Sharpie to write down the purchase or expiration dates. 

    Shelf life of cosmetics are…(or at least should be)…

    • Concealers 12-18 months
    • Cream compact foundation 18 months
    • Cream shadows and blushes 12-18 months
    • Lipstick and lipliner One year
    • Lipgloss 18-24 months
    • Liquid or gel eyeliner Three months
    • Mascara Three months
    • Oil-free foundation One year
    • Pencil eyeliner Two years
    • Powders (including blushes, bronzers, and shadows) Two years

    Now figure out what makeup purchases would make the biggest difference to your existing stash and help create the overall look you are going for BEFORE you hit the shops  Your goal is to collect the perfect stash of high quality key pieces. Spend as much time as necessary finding the “perfect.”

    Finally find an organizational system that works for you and make an effort to keep it that way.

    Previously we created a closet that we can be proud of—everything hanging in your closet organized by color or and everything in your dressers perfectly folded and put away nicely.

    Now let’s all grab the first outfit that we see and head over to Sephora or Ulta…or both.


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