10 More Books Every Woman with a Lipstick or Two in Her Purse Should Read — September 1, 2017

10 More Books Every Woman with a Lipstick or Two in Her Purse Should Read


Books are my passion…well, books rank right up there with Netflix and cooking. But just like movies, if I am not learning something, I usually find the book or movie to be a total waste of time…

And so books also play a role in this year’s resolution  to channel my inner fashion diva…(or at least to look pretty darn good to be a grandmother the age that I am)…

Fortunately there are more than a few books about fashion and makeup that have been written by makeup artists, passionate stylists, and beauty editors that are the best possible sources of advice anywhere.

These books can help you determine exactly what you want from your makeup stash and how to get there, such as my goal of creating an easier and faster everyday makeup routine…teach you what colors work best for your skin, eye, hair color, and lifestyle…tell you how to make application easier…and show you some of the most tried, tested and true fashionable looks.


1.  About Face...

  • Author…Scott Barnes…makeup artists who has worked with A-list celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez
  • Look for…plenty of good quality, beautiful pictures with various makeovers, showing before and after photos…how to contour the face using lighter and darker shades of foundation…how to apply foundation, contour, highlight…how to create the most gorgeous smoky eyes… must-have makeup items, beauty rituals and even inner preparations that every lady should know to radiate charisma and charm.

2.  Everything Eyes: Professional Techniques * Essential Tools * Gorgeous Makeup Look...

  • Author…Bobbi Brown
  • Look for…the tools she recommends…techniques for the very popular, sexy, smoky eyes to the eyes that must sparkle at the party…a must-have book that covers everything basic to eye care to that signature look behind specs.

3.  Express Makeup

  • Author…Rae Morris
  • Look for…makeup secrets and various techniques learned over the years of doing makeup looks for major international runway shows

4.  Face to face...

  • Author…Scott Barnes
  • Look for….unique and beautiful makeup looks suitable for various occasions


5.  How to Look Expensive: A Beauty Editor’s Secrets to Getting Gorgeous Without Breaking the Bank

  • Author…Andrea Pomerantz Lustig
  • Look for…tips for women who need to look ultra expensive while staying on a budget….secrets that help readers to achieve luminous skin, flawless makeup application, and a whole lot more…how to get expensive hair at an inexpensive salon

 6.  Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success


  • Author…Michelle Phan
  • Look for…aimed at the girls who are 15 to 25 years old

7. Making Faces

  • Author…Kevyn Aucoin
  • Look for…the basics of makeup…the techniques of simple application…the fundamentals on how to create a wide range of looks…hints, tricks and techniques that cover beauty basics to advanced techniques on how to redefine your face, your eyes and your lips

8.  Makeup makeovers in 5 10 15 20 Minutes.

  • Author…Robert Jones
  • Look for…how to create different looks based on how much time you can spend


9.  Make-up Masterclass: Beauty Bible of professional techniques and wearable looks…Jemma Kidd …“

  • Author…Jemma Kidd
  • Look for…step-by-step instructions on how to enhance the features of the face and how to become even more beautiful and confident with the help of cosmetics…incredible makeup tips and tricks that you can use with confidence in your every day life…how she works with various color schemes and latest trends to create unforgettable makeup looks for any time of the day…how some intense, sophisticated and “extreme” looks can be toned down and adapted for everyday wear

 10.  Makeup your mind, express yourself.

  •  Author..Francois Nars
  • Look for…amazing pictures of various makeovers…beautiful before and after photos of makeup looks with clear schemes of which products have been used on a model…signature looks…how to achieve them