Regardless what you may be writing or learning about-baking, lettering, underwater basket weaving-there most likely is research involved…and the amount of information on just about any topic that you could blog about can be overwhelming and confusing..The following six-step process has become my standard for learning and researching any particular topic…

1. Begin your research by looking at Amazon and asking the following questions…

What markets are popular within your niche?

What are people searching for?

What are the most popular items related to this topic?…

What the main companies are that make these products?

What are the best-selling books about this topic?

Who are the most prominent authors writing about this topic?

What can I learn from the table of contents and any other pages that I am able to “look inside”? 

2. Next look at the list of the most prominent books and authors from Amazon.

Who are the most featured “experts” on this topic?

Which of these “experts” also have their own websites?

Do any of these authors give book recommendations about your topic on their websites? 

Can you find these books on Kobo or some similar app?

Do any particular books about your topic honestly seem worth reading or are most of the books a total waste of time? 

3. Now nestle with a few good magazines.

Find the search engine for the particular magazine’s website ASAP… (ignore everything else)…

Which magazines from a comprehensive list are most likely to have published an article about this topic lately?

Have any of them actually written about this topic lately?

 4. Wander through a few websites…

Who were the manufacturers of the products you initially found on Amazon?

Which of these manufacturers have their own websites?

Which of these manufacturer websites have articles regarding my topic worth bookmarking?…(not just the products themselves…I can analyze that better on Amazon)…

Which of these manufacturers have blogs that might be worth following?   

5.  Now look at trends by using trend forecasters

Google Trends, News Me, NowRelevant, OneRiot for the Social Web, Repinly, Trending Topics on Wikipedia, Trends Buzz, Trendsmap, Trendpedia, What The Trend, and Viral Video Chart can all help you find current information on what people are searching for and popular trends.

Keyword research tools such as Market Samurai… can help you identify whether your content idea is a good one or not, and give you ideas for more related keywords and more potential blog post ideas.

6. Finally check out any blogs related to your topic

Use Alltop, Best of the Web Blog Search, Blog Catalog, and Bloglovin’ to find the blogs that are most likely to have posted about your given topic…bookmark these also…


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