Never think of writing posts as merely scribbling down yet another article just because everyone else does and then hoping that readers other than you actually read it…as if it were another Facebook post…

Think of your blog as a major, nationally-published magazine written by yourself for yourself…you are its most faithful reader…you are its most dependable subscriber…you are the editor-in-chief, writer, photographer, budget analyst, and whatever else you wanna call yourself.

Think of the couch you’re most likely sitting on as a real office… 

Think of who you are now, where you would like to be, and how you are going to get there…  

1. Who you are now

Pinpoint what you are offering. .Is it a particular service or product? Is it tangible or intangible?

Identify exactly what you hope to accomplish by offering this product or service…

As a blogger, ask yourself if your main objective is to…

  • entertain and make your readers laugh
  • inspire your readers  
  • offer advice based on your own past experience and expertise
  • teach your readers how to do something 

2.  Where you would like to be…

Come up with The “Big Idea,”a topic sentence or mission statement that will lay the foundation from this point forward…a statement that defines exactly where you ultimately want to position yourself in your niche and take your blog.

Once you have “nailed” down this “Big Idea,”this mission statement, print or write it as a graphic ..and work everything else from this point forward around this mission statement.

3.  How you are going to get there…

Make a list of potential keywords or topics that can be used to brainstorm ideas for actual posts. 

Think of the general topics that you will blog about every single month-those topics that you will never get tired of writing about and that you will never have trouble finding new ideas to write about..

This will help you keep writing, even when feeling uninspired or overwhelmed. This will also attract a loyal following by setting expectations for readers who will want to return for the next post about this topic.

Ask yourself questions like...

  • What and who inspire me the most?
  • What are your own favorite blogs? Why?
  • What topics am I truly passionate about, not merely interested in?
  • What topics am I truly gifted in and already know a lot about?

1.  Your About Me page can be used to start writing this list of potential routine topics. Highlight the words and phrases that could help you come up with your editorial calendar and actual posts, especially look for verbs.

Looking back over my own About Me page, some of the verbs that I see are…

  • opening a bed and breakfast
  • making my readers excited to visit Muffins and Magnolias B&B 
  • decorating
  • cooking and baking
  • blogging, writing, andplanning

2.  The second obvious place to look for topics for blog posts are your Pinterest boards…I have the following boards…

  • Beginning with Breakfast—cooking
  • Blogging and Being Social—writing
  • Celebrating Life—planning
  • Creating a Home—cleaning, organizing, and decorating
  • Dreaming Big—wishing
  • Dropping the Kids Off—college, preschool
  • Getting Dressed—obvious
  • Getting Healthy—eating healthy, excercising
  • Heading Off to Work—learning, networking, “being productive”
  • Killing Time—reading, quilting, watching movies
  • Lasting through Lunch—more cooking
  • Making Dinner Plans—more cooking
  • Satisfying the Sweet Tooth—even more cooking
  • Starting the Day Off Right—spending time with God and friends

Most importantly, build a blog that you yourself would follow. Never post anything that you wouldn’t want to read yourself.


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