Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day. A healthy, nutritious breakfast will help you avoid overeating later in the day, have the energy to start a new day, improve performance and productivity throughout the day, lose or manage your weight, and lower your cholesterol level.

    Yet more than 31 million Americans, about 10 percent of the U.S. population, actually do not eat breakfast.  

    Most people quote lack of time as the reason they skip breakfast, but preparing on weekends and using your crockpot should keep lack of time from being a valid excuse to skip breakfast one more day.

    One of my main goals for the next few years, if not the main goal, is to open a bed and breakfast. needless to say that will involve actually getting out of bed and making breakfast). 

    So I have begun to collect recipes that I can serv guests that can be prepared in advance, involve using a crockpot, and that reflect the flavors, memories, and nostalgia of our family’s unique Mississippi heritage.

    This treasure trove of experience, history, and love all rolled into one will also be a great way to share my own personal life experience with future women following in my good, or not so good, footsteps.

    The three most important elements of any great cookbook are captivating design, superior content, and thoughtful editing. 

    1.  Captivating Design

    Layout…Double-page spreads for longer recipes keep the reader from having to turn a page with sticky fingers. Also try to have photographs facing the recipe page.

    Photography……Good photography is essential for a good cookbook, but be honest. Show the photograph exactly as made following the recipe. Do not show ingredients actually not mentioned in the recipe. 

    Typeface…Typeface must be large enough to be seen three feet away on a messy kitchen countertop. This helps us find our place quickly. Mixed-typeface designs can add interest to your page and often helps the reader glance through a recipe more quickly.
    S 2.  Superior Content...The most part important part of a cookbook is the actual content. Writing a great cookbook involves passion and a vast amount of knowledge…technical, historical, scientific, or anecdotal knowledge. 

    Being from Mississippi, I have gathered quite a bevy of good recipes over the last thirty years. My first step has been to compile my recipes together in one place, sort them into categories, and eliminate any recipes that I won’t need. 

    The typical cookbook contains 250 to 500 recipes in total.
       3.  Thoughtful Editing

    Chapters…Chapters should be somewhat balanced in terms of length, and consistent within as to recipe order. Organize your chapters in a way that makes sense to the reader.

    Recipe Titles
    …Recipe titles should be both descriptive and interesting, so that the reader understands what the dish is all about by simply glancing at the page.

    … Headnotes, the little bit of copy before the actual recipe, should reflect the unique voice and personality of the writer. Describe how you were first was captivated by this recipe, things to watch for when making the recipe, why you included this recipe in this book, why you love it so much, a bit of the recipe’s history, and/or information about a particular ingredient.

     Ingredients…All ingredients should be listed in order of use, with accurate package and pan sizes needed to make the recipe and whether the ingredients should be chopped, minced, melted, and so forth. Tell your reader how to order any ingredient that may be hard to find where to find it online or what other ingredient to substitute. 

    …American cooks do not typically use the metric system. as an American cook writing recipes for a mostly American audience, why bother?! Measurements should be as precise as possible.

    …Be descriptive in your instructions. Use the five senses as you write them out. Instructions should be very clear and make a picture to the reader. Baking times should be accurate and tell how to know that the recipe is finished. State whether to cook a recipe covered or not. Tell the reader if you can make the dish ahead of time and freeze for later. State the number of servings.


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