Today is National Friendship Day, and since one of our goals as writers, bloggers, and simply people in general is to establish friendships…I thought this would be a good time to talk about the “About Me” page of any blog…

Your “About Me” page is one of the most important pages on your blog. Not only is it one of the most popular pages, it’s also the page that will make your audience fall in love with you and want to keep coming back for more.

It should basically answer two very important questions…

1.  So who am I?
2.  Why would anyone possibly want to read a    thing that I might possibly take the time to write?

    In addition to answering these two important questions, your “About Me” page should…

    1.  Tell
    2.  Keep
    3.  Give


      Tell your perspective.—Although it’s called the “about me” page, it’s really all about your audience. Make sure that you’re attracting the exact audience you’re looking for within the first sentence of your about me page. So ask yourself: 

      • Exactly what my readers expect to find when they come to your site?
      • What will they get out of visiting my site? 
      • What am I providing for them? 
      • Who is my target market? 
      • Why should they bookmark your site and keep coming back?
      • What makes your website different from all of the other ones out there? 

      Tell your story.–-Your story is the one unique thing that separates you from the crowd. Telling your story helps potential followers, clients, employers, and readers relate to you. 

      People want to know the formal you, not the polished you…the real you probably sitting on your couch in your pajamas with your hair on the top of your head in a ponytail and no makeup on drinking coffee…lots and lots of coffee…Answer questions such as…

      • What do you like? 
      • what do you absolutely love? 
      • What do you want to be recognized for?
      • How can knowing you, following you, or working with you change your life?
      • What inspired you to create your blog?
      • How did you get started? 


      Keep it concise.—Your audience doesn’t need to know every detail of your life.  

      Keep it real.—Make sure your About Me bio expresses who you are as a person and a professional in an authentic way, both in terms of content and in terms of your writing style.  

      Keep it relevant.—Make sure that your About Me bio is relevant to your blog. 


      Give your audience a photo or two.—Include at least one high quality picture of both yourself and your workspace. Use this as another chance to truly express your personality and confirm the fact that you’re a real human being that people can know and love.

      Give your reader an idea of what city or region you live in—. This gives your readers and followers something to relate to, as well as a peek into your world.

      Give your audience the opportunity to stay connected with you. Include links to your Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram account along with an opt-in form for your email list. 

      Give your audience some direction as to where to go next...such as a list of your most popular articles or a specific page you want them to look at.

      All that being said, here is my personal “About Me” page for this Muffins and Magnolias blog…

      Muffins—I absolutely love baking…my first purchase from my very first paycheck was my very own KitchenAid mixer…pretty appropriate since I had spent the last twenty years of my life being brought up by my mother, a prominent caterer in north Mississippi…

      —Some of us were called to be not only Southern belles, but also “Steel Magnolias”…Mother Theresa once said…”God never gives me more than we can handle…I just wish He didn’t trust me so much.”
      I would like to share stories of people that I have known personally, or not, who have truly inspired me…

      I would also like to share stories about my own life when I have had to be a “Steel Magnolia,” such as my husband being deployed five times to Afghanistan and Iraq, my struggles with bipolar disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome, my oldest daughter and her three year old son moving back home when we had great dreams of being “empty nesters”…

      Muffins and Magnolias–-Once my husband retires from the Army Corps of Engineers in about five years, we hope to move from Arlington, Texas and open a bed and breakfast in Oxford, Mississippi named “Muffins and Magnolias”..

      I hope to use this blog as both a journal of this endeavor… and a collection of ideas that will hopefully make my readers as excited to visit Muffins and Magnolias once it opens as I will be excited to finally have it open…


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