Some days I feel like My life is spinning in so many different directions and that Iam writing about so many different topics that there seems to be no method at all to my madness…

So my goal for this blog has been to share my walk through each part of my day and some of the things that I have learned along my journey that month.

So looking back on July and ahead at August here’s the “method to my madness.”

STARTING THE DAY OFF RIGHT…In July, I continued my study of Genesis by finishing my character study of Sarah. Now I am starting to study The Patriarchs Bible study by Beth Moore. posts to look for…

  • 10 Words of Wisdom for August
  • Admit You’re Happy Month
  • International Forgiveness Day

GETTING DRESSED…In July, I did a brief post on the things that I had learned the previous month. in August, look for posts about…

  • How to take the perfect bath
  • Organizing your closet
  • The best drug store makeup and skincare products

EATING BREAKFAST…In July, I posted a series on breakfast casseroles. In August look for…

  • More work on putting together my cookbook
  • Morning rituals
  • How to get a “good night’s sleep”

DROPPING THE KIDS OFF… Each month I review a “Children’s Book of the Month.”

HEADING OFF TO WORK...In July I found resources for hand lettering and reviewed the steps involved in doing research. in August look for…

  • The best  writing tips I have found so far
  • Online sources for hand lettering and calligraphy lessons
  • Setting up the perfect office nook  

 LASTING THROUGH LUNCH…Each month I write three posts about packing the perfect lunch…

  1. The Bento Box
  2. Fat Stanley
  3. Keeping Cool

MAKING DINNER PLANS…Each month look for a “Dinner of the Month” menu
SATISFYING THE SWEET TOOTH...Each month look for a new “Dessert of the Month”
CREATING A HOME…Each month I will read and review the nonfiction Book of the Month reading list, covering books about home organization. 
 GETTING HEALTHY…In July, I finished a post regarding protein. in August, look for posts on the health benefits (?!) of tea and coffee.

CALLING IT A DAY...In July, I started following blogs by creatives, such as quilters and hand lettering experts. in August I want to finally do a review over my current selection from my fiction book list and start planning for Christmas.      


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