Surrounding yourself with the “right” people is so very important to the quality of our lives…

Doesn’t this seem so arrogant and un-Christian sounding…yet it is so important…

Who are the “right” people?!

Those people who are always ready to support you any time you need help…who are passionately doing creative works and great things that will inspire you…who can help us can gain new perspectives and information about experiences you never knew existed…who provide an overall support system.  

    The closest people in your life-your family and friends…

    Children…Children are one of the best sources of inspiration. Spending time with children helps us realize how many of us have lost the “inner child within us” and prompt us to reconsider our values and priorities.

      “Random” people  around us…Giving to those around us without expecting anything in return, but simply with the goal of showing compassion, even if only holding the door open for someone, helps us make a difference in their lives and restore a glimmer of hope in their eyes, 

      Colleagues…Attending conferences and workshops, joining different industry-related groups, and exchanging ideas with people on forums will help you understand the latest trends and let the innovative ideas of creative people become your inspiration.

      The “right” colleagues within your career field should share the same…

      Audience—should have large, active and engaged audiences…
      Influence—should be seen as influential or somewhat influential…
      Relevance—should be relevant to your niche

      Sources that are geared toward bloggers and content writers include…

            1.  2017 Blog Conferences…at least those held in Texas

            2.  Blog Engage…Blog Engage is a blogging community where bloggers submit articles to be read and voted on by other members. As a blogger trying to meet other bloggers, it is important that you find the right Group for yourself. These Groups allow users to share articles with other members who specifically share a common interest in a topic.

            3.  Blogger Meetups-–Meetup offers a database of local groups that meet together in “real life” to talk about a given topic or support a given cause.

            4.  Facebook Groups…Facebook Groups can be a great way to connect with various groups of people in the blogging world. Whether you are looking for design help, for connections to cross promote, or for Pinterest boards to collaborate on, Facebook groups are a great place to start looking. They are free and really easy to use and see right in your newsfeed.

            5. is a bookmarking website and learning tool that gives you a large community of active top industry influencers that can help you find inspiration for blogging.

            6.   Local Colleges and Universities…Local colleges and universities are another group of people that can be added to your team. Not only will these provide you with access to other bloggers, but obviously professionals and faculty. I am seriously considering this OMCA® Social Media Associate program from the University of Texas at Arlington, my alma mater…and thisSocial Media class from Tarrant Community College.

            7.   Triberr …Triberr is a social platform that helps bloggers work together to share each other’s content. The site is built around various “tribes” or communities of interest. Once you join a tribe, the idea is that you share the blog content of fellow tribemates to your social following and they do they same.

            Write for the people who need your outlook, your wisdom, your product or service. Start writing everywhere, not just on your own blog. You are establishing yourself as an expert in this niche, to your target market.

            Connect with five other sites who have a readership / target demo you want to get in front of

            Think in terms of how you can add value to other’s sites (real value . . . don’t save your best stuff for your own site)

            Build community for what you can add to the community (I’m a firm believer in being generous.) As you build community you will build your platform organically.

            The Bottom Line…Building solid support teams of the “right” people with in your field-for example, as a writer or blogger… 

            allows you to reach a much larger audience 
            can save you years of hard work and mistakes
            gains exposure 
            gives you the opportunity to learn techniques and strategies 
            gives you the feeling for belonging to something 
            helps ensure your personal sanity
            improves your blog readership and community
            promotes your content on other blogs  
            will get the gears in your head turning will give you awesome ideas for future posts on a more regular basis 


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