So now that I have purchased my new pens, and before I start any major ambitious projects, what must I do to learn lettering that is actually legible?…

Next find a table or desk, art cart, or even a big tray to gather all of your supplies in one place…somewhere where you can work and leave your supplies out and ready… 
Set this up in a room where there isn’t a lot of traffic…but where you feel inspired and where there is enough natural light.

Supplies that I have gathered for this new pursuit include…


Black spiral journal…Pro Art sketchbooks

Dual-tip markers…Shuttle Art


Fine-tipped black pens…Micron
Pencils…Koh-I-Noor Mephisto Profi Mechanical Pencil

Washi tape…Cute
Now that I have set up my “Scribbling Station” and purchased “Wonderful Watercolors and Writers,” how do I intend to learn legible lettering before National Fountain Pen Day?!
The same way that they claim you get to Carnegie Hall—


The following websites all have free lettering guides, tutorials, and worksheets worth checking into as we begin our lettering journeys.

Now dream big…and write small on the upstrokes, and big on the downstrokes…


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