Truth or Dare—Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Goals

Beginning any type of goal—whether personal or professional—requires figuring out where you are now, where you want to be, and how you’re gonna get there…

Truth—What is the truth of where you are now and the possibility of reaching your goal…
Dare—How much are you willing to dare to invest in reaching your goal…

If I set a goal of losing twenty pounds, I must honestly admit how much I currently weigh, what my goal weight is, and how I’m going to get there…

If I set a goal of owning a bed and breakfast, I need to figure out what resources I have on hand, what my ideal bed and breakfast would be like, and how to start this path toward ownership and successful operation…

If I set a goal of becoming a successful blogger, I should realize the status of my current blog, the type of blog that I would like to have, and how I can improve this blog…

Regardless of the goal that you have set, there are many questions that you must ask yourself—who, what, when, where, how, and why…

Questions that you might ask yourself include…


  • Who benefits the most from me achieving this goal?
  • Who can help me achieve it? 
  • Who else believes in me and my ability to reach this goal?
  • Who else is or should be involved?
  • Who will support me?
  • Who will be my primary readers, clients, and B&B guests?
  • Who won’t support me? 


  • What did I learn during this last year?
  • What do I need to learn this year?
  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What do I want to tell my readers?
  • What excites me about the coming year?
  • What is hindering me from achieving my goals? 
  • What is my biggest passion and dream in life?
  • What is my first step? 
  • What is my ultimate goal in starting a blog? 
  • What one wildly bold goal would I like to accomplish that would truly inspire me to get up each morning?
  • What scares me about the coming year?
  • What skills do I you need to acquire and master?
  • What tools and resources do I need?
  • What will be my biggest obstacle?
  • What will success look like?


  • When can I find the time to do whatever it takes to reach this goal?
  • When will I know that I have reached this goal?
  • When would be a realistic time for me to have reached this goal?


  • Where are some other blogs and websites my readers frequent?
  • Where do I want to be this time next year?
  • Where do my customers hang out online?
  • Where will I acquire the necessary knowledge?
  • Where will my goal be accomplished? 
  • Where will this take place?


  • Why am I going to do this in the first place?
  • Why am I willing to invest time, energy, and money in doing this? 
  • Why is achieving this goal so important to me? 


  • How can the blog make everything else I am doing better?
  • How will I benefit from reaching this goal? 
  • How will I integrate the blog with the rest of my marketing strategy?
  • How will I market the blog? 
  • How will I stay focused during the process? 
  • How will the business be different one year from now?
  • How will this goal be achieved?

Celebrating Life..August 1-National Mountain Climbing Day…



Life is a journey with both valleys and mountains along the way. sometimes the top of the mountain seems so high that you simply want to give up altogether. sometimes you slip and fall, and may lose your grips. Sometimes you may not feel like you have the strength and courage to get back up, dust yourself off, and continue on the journey.

But life is a always a journey, and only you can determine which direction and what distance you will travel.

Like any other journey, the journey of life begins with a single step…

And the first single step on your personal Pilgrim’s Progress is to establish goals…

After all…Those who fail to plan, plan to fail…and no one wants to fail, right?!

So why should establishing goals be the very first step along the journey…

    1. Goals allow you to see those people with common interests and dreams that are also starting along the same path as you, or are a little bit further ahead. Goals assure that everyone in your caravan is pulling in the same direction.

    2. Goals establish identity. Established goals allow you to decide how to distinguish yourself from other wolves in the pack and impact your positionwithin the group..

    3. Goals make it easier to plan ahead and start working on tasks that actually support your mission.

    4. Goals help you understand whether you aresuccessful or not. Having measurable goals allows you to see how far you have traveled already, how much further you have until you reach your destination, and if you are still on course.

    5. Goals improve productivity. Youknow what needs to be accomplished both in the present and in the future to reach these goals. You can now direct your actions and efforts toward goal-related activities…instead of unrelated, unimportant, non-strategic activities.

    6. Goals enable you to make smarter decisions. Having well-defined goals allows you confront the decisions you encounter along the way  with greater confidence and a greater chance of success. Goals give you a framework within which to work and eliminate uncertainty and actions that won’t contribute to achieving the goals you’ve set. 

    7. Goals provide motivation. Looking at your endeavor from a broader perspective gives you greater confidence in what lies ahead. Goals that have already been achieved give you a reason to celebrate along the way.

    8.  Goals provide cohesion. Each wolf traveling along the same path towards the same destination understands the meaning behind the group’s activities. Having well-defined goals enables the wolves to be consistent and encourages communication and cooperation.

    9.  Goals provide direction and set the course. Carefully established goals help you clearly define and understand where you are and where you want to be…and that each activity or task works toward your established goals.

    10.  Goals provide focus. Goals enable you to understand how smaller decisions impact larger goals. Goals focus attention on achieving desirable big-picture outcomes and channel brain power toward finding smarter solutions to the “small fire” issues when they come your way.

    Many business schools and professionals use the acronym SMART as a guide to set company goals…

      This acronym can be used for goals that we set individually also, so let’s take a closer look.

      …Goals should always be stated in a way that can easily be understood….and should always be written down so that they become something tangible to focus on, evaluate, and refine on a regular basis. As you are establishing your “chosen frozen” goals, ask yourself… 

      • What needs to be accomplished?
      • Why is reaching this goal important?
      • How can I spend my time in a way that is consistent with these goals?

      Measurable…Goals should be stated in a way that can be easily measured….and shared with your support group, your significant other, or even your own mother. These people can walk along beside you on the journey, provide accountability, and encourage you to keep on going when you really feel like giving up. Ask yourself…

      • Can I track and measure at least one statistic related to this goal?
      • Can I easily evaluate my overall progress by knowing these numbers?
      • Will there be enough information to know if and/or when I should set new goals?

      Attainable…”We can only climb the mountains because there’s a valley that makes the mountain a mountain.” 

      But if the top of the mountain is light years and light years away, then are you really being realistic…

      Honestly evaluate where you currently are in order to establish a solid foundation before setting long-term and short-term goals. Ask yourself…

      • Are the goals that you set achievable, yet challenging?
      • Are you starting off with smaller targets and then challenging yourself as you have had more practice and time to get comfortable with the path?
      • Are the goals merely unattainable wishes?

      Realistic…Goals must also be realistic and flexible, not carved in stone. Setting goals should not only be a one-time event done only when creating your business plan or settling on your life path. Life happens.

      So take some time periodically to re-evaluate your goals, to see exactly how successful you’ve been at achieving them, and to ake any minor changes needed to redirect your efforts. Ask yourself…  

      • What is the probability of ever reaching this goal?
      • Do I have the resources needed to actually reach these goals?
      • Are these goals actually goals or simply wishes?

      Timely – Goals should be based on a timeline…Long-term goals should be substantially greater than short-term goals and can be charted for even five, ten, or twenty years away. Short-term goals are stepping stones towards achieving these long-term goals and should be attainable in a period of weeks to a year. Ask yourself…

      • Does your goal have a fixed time-frame?
      • When will you start working toward this goal?
      • When will you hope to have reached this goal?
      • How does this deadline influence your daily activities?

      Goals for August


        Some days I feel like My life is spinning in so many different directions and that Iam writing about so many different topics that there seems to be no method at all to my madness…

      So my goal for this blog has been to share my walk through each part of my day and some of the things that I have learned along my journey that month.

      So looking back on July and ahead at August here’s the “method to my madness.”

      STARTING THE DAY OFF RIGHT…In July, I continued my study of Genesis by finishing my character study of Sarah. Now I am starting to study The Patriarchs Bible study by Beth Moore. posts to look for…

      • 10 Words of Wisdom for August
      • Admit You’re Happy Month
      • International Forgiveness Day

      GETTING DRESSED…In July, I did a brief post on the things that I had learned the previous month. in August, look for posts about…

      • How to take the perfect bath
      • Organizing your closet
      • The best drug store makeup and skincare products

      EATING BREAKFAST…In July, I posted a series on breakfast casseroles. In August look for…

      • More work on putting together my cookbook
      • Morning rituals
      • How to get a “good night’s sleep”

      DROPPING THE KIDS OFF… Each month I review a “Children’s Book of the Month.”

      HEADING OFF TO WORK...In July I found resources for hand lettering and reviewed the steps involved in doing research. in August look for…

      • The best  writing tips I have found so far
      • Online sources for hand lettering and calligraphy lessons
      • Setting up the perfect office nook  

       LASTING THROUGH LUNCH…Each month I write three posts about packing the perfect lunch…

      1. The Bento Box
      2. Fat Stanley
      3. Keeping Cool

      MAKING DINNER PLANS…Each month look for a “Dinner of the Month” menu
      SATISFYING THE SWEET TOOTH...Each month look for a new “Dessert of the Month”
      CREATING A HOME…Each month I will read and review the nonfiction Book of the Month reading list, covering books about home organization. 
       GETTING HEALTHY…In July, I finished a post regarding protein. in August, look for posts on the health benefits (?!) of tea and coffee.

      CALLING IT A DAY...In July, I started following blogs by creatives, such as quilters and hand lettering experts. in August I want to finally do a review over my current selection from my fiction book list and start planning for Christmas.