Making the switch from the cleaning products, such as Mr. Clean, that I have used for the last thirty years, to something more ecofriendly and “politically correct” this year has been a definite learning curve.

There are so many brands claiming to be “natural” or “organic,” but how can you be sure?!

Surprisingly, There is no federal regulation, such as USDA certification,  for cleaning products. These companies are not even required to list their ingredients, meaning that they can sneak in chemicals without mentioning them anywhere on the bottle.

So after spending hours in the grocery store reading product labels and on the Internet doing “productive web surfing,” here is the list of brands that I believe are making cleaning products–kitchen sprays, laundry detergents, and all-purpose baking-soda scrubs–that are actually healthier for our homes.
  Clorox Green Works

Availability…sold through their distribution chain in more than 24,000 stores alongside their regular household cleaning products

Blog…Shades of Green 

Claim…Green Works sets their own very stringent standards to ensure that their cleaners are at least 99% natural…the remaining 1% is attributedto synthetic ingredients including a preservative and green coloring 

Ingredients…Clorox has done their best to remain openly transparent about the ingredients in their Green Works line by publishing their ingredients on the product and responding to such questions online at their blog and through their Shades of Green Journal.

Launched…January 2008

Popularity…holds more than a 40% share of the natural home cleaning market

Target Consumer...the mainstream consumer who is interested in natural products that clean, are affordable and easily accessible

    J.R. Watkins 

    Availability…The all-natural home cleaning line debuted at Target in 2008 and is now sold throughout the country at stores including CVS, Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and Whole Foods.

    Claim…We promise our customer a feeling of timeless comfort with every product…

    Ingredients…high-quality natural ingredients

    Launched…In 1868 J. R. Watkins began selling liniment door-to-door in the southeastern part of Minnesota. In 1869 he began giving customers bottles with a molded “trial mark” as a risk-free way to try his products. Customers who used the natural products and stayed above the mark could get a full refund. By the 1940s, Watkins was the largest direct-sales company in the world.

    Mission Statement…To be the most trusted natural products company.

      Method Home

      Method Home Soap Dish Blog

      Claim…gentler than a thousand puppy licks. able to detox tall homes in a single afternoon.happy homessafe for people, pets + the planet


      Launched…by adam lowry and eric ryan, two former roommates, who were exposed to toxic ingredients in cleaning supplies, and felt a calling to produce consumer cleaning products that people didn’t have to hide under their sinks and would not contain any “dirty” ingredients. 

        Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
        Availability…Whole Foods…(at least closest place for me)

        Claim…”I wouldn’t put my name on something that didn’t work hard and smell great. No reason to ruin my reputation this late in the game.”

        Ingredients…plant-derived ingredients and essential oils…products do not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates…

        Launched…Our products were inspired by Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer, an Iowa homemaker and mother of nine. It all started when one of her daughters was walking down a cleaning aisle, eyeing all the products with their harsh, stinky chemicals. Right then and there, she had an idea: “Let’s make cleaners that smell nice, like my mom’s garden, but still work like the dickens on daily dirt and grime.”


          Seventh Generation

          Availability…Kroger, Albertson’s, Target, Tom Thumb, etc.


          Claim… our products are healthy solutions for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets and people within your home–and for the community and environment outside of it. 

          Ingredients…as an example, the Natural 4X Concentrated Laundry Detergent lists its ingredients as…water…laureth-6 and sodium lauryl sulfate (both plant-derived cleaning agents)…sodium citrate (plant-derived water softener)…glycerin (plant-derived enzyme stabilizer)…oleic acid (plant-derived anti-foaming agent), sodium hydroxide (mineral-based pH adjuster), calcium chloride (mineral-based enzyme stabilizer), sodium chloride (mineral-based viscosity modifier), protease, amylase, and mannanase (plant-derived enzyme blend soil removers), and benzisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone (synthetic preservatives).

          Launched…established in 1988 in Vermont as Seventh Generation, Inc., an American company…acquired by Unilever in 2016.

            The Honest Co. 

            AvailabilitySprouts, Target, Whole Foods


            Ingredients…for example, the Honest Company Floor Cleaner contains…
            -Ethyl Alcohol (Fermented From Corn Sugar)
            -Caprylyl/Myristyl Glucoside (Plant-Based Cleanser)
            -Potassium Sorbate (Plant-Based Preservative)
            -Acetic Acid (Natural Buffering Agent)
            -Gluconic Acid (Plant-Based Buffering Agent)
            -Citrus Grandis (N.O.P. Certified Organic Grapefruit) Oil
            -Limonene (Orange) Oil
            -Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Leaf) Oil…

            to relieve you of a few tasks by delivering the best family essentials to your doorstep…to simplify your life and bring more delight to every day…to re-define the “family brand” and create something  that’s better for all families, everywhere.



              AvailabilityList of Stores
              BlogWilliams Sonoma Taste

                Claim…formulated for
 natural cleaning and rejuvenating…work without harsh ingredienand are extra-gentle on your skin

                Ingredients…Countertop Spray contains, for example, bark extract, lemon oil, and mandarin oil….no parabens, ammonia, chlorine or lauramide DEA

                • Availability…
                • Blog…
                • Claim…
                • Ingredients…
                • Launched…
                • Popularity…
                • Target Consumer…

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