Most of us were taught to sort your laundry into four piles—lights, darks, whites, and towels.
But is taking time to sort clothes time actually a waste of time?! After all, if I can simply wash a small load every day, or every other day, instead of setting one day a week as Official Laundry Day.

Not even towels need to really be washed separately…simply throw them in with other cotton clothes.

Clothing labels are key to keeping your clothes in great condition longer.

Check the tags whenever you buy a “better” piece of clothing, such as a dress or nice pair of pants, These tags are on there for a reason. you have no one else to blame if you buy a perfect dress and then discover that it has to be dry cleaned…or wash or dry your favorite whatever-it-may-be onand ruin it because you failed to take time to read the tag.

You might want to take a few seconds to look over your stuff first for unzipped zippers that might snag other clothing, unbutton shirts to keep them from stretching out the buttonhole, and turn jeans inside out so that they last longer and keep their color.

Even though I no longer take the time to sort all of my laundry into the four legalistic piles-lights, whites, darks, and towels,-. there are still a few exceptions…

New clothes that have not been washed more than a a couple of times often transfer their color to other clothing. Wash these items by themselves until they are “broken in.”

There are certain fabrics, such as silk, that should always be washed alone or dry-cleaned….(more on this later)…


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