We all know that half of the battle in eating healthier is planning ahead. 

I recently purchased a set of Rubbermaid Balance Meal Kits to use to make pre-portioned bento-style lunches.. These kits consist of four containers-protein, grain, fruit, and vegetable-each with a coordinating symbol on it.

Here are a few copycat cafe-style protein boxes that are easy to put together ahead of time so that you can make sure to always have a healthy lunch on hand.


      1.  Copycat Starbucks Fruit and Cheese Protein Box…Momables

      Fruit…3-4 apple slices, 2 tablespoons almonds mixed with 1 tablespoon dried cranberries
      Grain…5-7 whole grain crackers
      Protein…wedge of Brie, 1-2 small slices of aged cheddar,1-2 small slices of Gouda 

      2.  Deli Snack Box…Damn Delicious
      Grain…Pita bites crackers
      Protein…Thinly sliced turkey breast, hard boiled egg, sharp cheddar cheese
      Vegetable…Cherry tomatoes

      3.  Egg & Cheese Protein Box…Skinny Fork

      Fruit…Gala Apple, Grapes
      Grain…Whole Wheat English Muffin
      Protein…Sharp Cheddar, Mini Babybel Light Original Cheese Wedge, PB2 – Peanut Butter 2, Boiled Egg

      4.  PB&J Protein Box…Cooking Light
      …apple slices, fruit preserve (sandwich)
      Grain…whole-wheat bread (sandwich)
      Protein…peanut butter (sandwich), mozzarella cheese stick
      Vegetable…baby carrots, cucumber slices

      5.  Thai Chicken Wrap Bistro Box…:Gimme Delicious Food

      Vegetable…slaw made from cabbage, red pepper, carrots, cucumber, cilantro


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