Today is National Cheese Day…so for some warped reason, I have decided to use this as an excuse to make a cheesecake, my favorite type of cake to make…

I used to make a cheesecake every single week, and honestly was proud of the fact that my cheesecakes rarely cracked on the top or sank in the middle.

I  became the neighborhood “cheesecake expert” back then because I realized that making a cheesecake is a process, not an actual recipe…much like making a “Poke Cake”…

Cheesecake usually consists of three layers—the crust,  a middle cream cheese layer with flavoring or stir-ins added, and a topping of choice.

Making a cheesecake is actually like making an ice cream sundae—the fudge brownie, the ice cream, and the hot fudge sauce…but so much better.

Here are a few cheesecake recipes well worth bookmarking…

1.  New York–Style Cheesecake—New York–Style Cheesecake, the most common variety in the United States, is a rich and dense cheesecake with a top layer of sour cream mixed with vanilla extract and sugar spread on the cake during baking stage. 


2.  Farmer’s Cheese Cheesecake—Farmer’s Cheese Chesecake is based on the Central and Eastern European tradition of baking fresh cheese in a cake or tart form in order to to preserve the cheese. Farmer’s cheese is commonly found in Amish, Mennonite, and German-American communities.

Farmer’s Cheese is a crumbly pressed cottage cheese with a slightly tangy taste that is often used for fillings in blintzes and pierogi or used as a spread on bread. 

The cheese can be made from the milk of cows, sheep or goats…and will have different flavors based on this fact. The cheese has larger curds and less water content than ordinary cream cheese.

Often you can find farmer’s cheese rolled in a mixture of herbs and flavorings or wrapped in very thin slices of flavorful smoked meats. 

 An excellent source of farmer’s cheese is Wisconsin Cheeseman
3.  Philadelphia-Style Cheesecake–-Philadelphia-Style Cheesecake has a lighter texture and richer flavor than New York Style cheesecake. 


4.  Country-Style Cheesecake—Country-Style Cheesecake is a quite uncommon type of cheesecake that uses buttermilk to produce a firm texture and to extend its shelf life. This type of cheesecake is typically found only in rural communities.

5.  Chicago Style Cheesecake--Chicago Style Cheesecake are firm on the outside with a soft and creamy texture on the inside. An excellent source of Chicago-Style Cheesecake is Trader Joe’s.. 


6.  Savory Cheesecakes—Savory Cheesecakes, such as this Savory Parmigiano Reggiano Cheesecake, are also served as appetizers. Typical ingredients include meat such as bacon and herbs such as Italian seasoning.



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