One of my original goals
for writing this blog was to record the stories and lessons that I learned as I studied the names on my “Official Roster of Steel Magnolias.”

This “Official Roster of Steel Magnoliasw” listed a group of women chosen from both history and literature whose lives I thought might be the most interesting to read about…

…those women who may appear as beautiful as magnolias, but as tough as steel…

…those women who make a difference in the lives of those around them…

…those women who will be remembered and talked about so fondly of for decades…

…those women whose random acts of kindness will be written down and read about for centuries…

…those women who are admired, adored, and revered for exhibiting the essential qualities of a “Steel Magnolia.”…characteristics such as…


 1. Compassion…Steel Magnolias act intentionally to improve the lives of others without trying to attract any notice.

Steel Magnolias have a selfless attitude and a servant heart. 
Steel Magnolias display a sense of concern and kindness for others, especially those in need.

Steel Magnolias truly care about making the world a better place.


    2. Confidence…Steel Magnolias must be confident enough to make risky decisions. 
    Steel Magnolias develop this confidence by achieving progressively larger accomplishments.


      3. Conviction…Steel Magnolias have a set of strong, unshakable thoughts and beliefs that can never be altered.

      4. Courage…Steel Magnolias always overcome their fears long enough and calmly enough to take risks when others are simply looking to hide from reality.
      Steel Magnolias confront any challenge head on and display confidence under stress.

      Steel Magnolias have the determination to achieve the goal, regardless of the challenging obstacles.


      5. Dedication…Steel Magnolias are selflessly committed to the task at hand and work whole-heartedly until the task is complete.

      6. DeterminationSteel Magnolias are unflinching in their determination and believe in their abilities without the shadow of a doubt.

      7. FocusSteel Magnolias have definite motives and keep their eyes fixed on the targets that they have wanted to achieve or establish all of their lives.

      8. Honesty…Steel Magnolias are always honest with everyone around them and always tell the truth. 

      Steel Magnolias refuse to tell people only what they want to hear and expect honesty from others…


      9. Humility…Steel Magnolias do not actually want credit for what they do or what they have done. Steel Magnolias give credit to all the people behind their success and realize their own weaknesses.
      10. Integrity...Steel Magnolias can be trusted because their inner values never change from inner values, even when life is hard…
      11. Passion...Steel Magnolias are passionate about their work. Their assurance inspires and motivates others.

        12. Perseverance…Steel Magnolias do not simply give up.

        Steel Magnolias are ready to withstand all the consequences that they may encounter and fight until they are successful.

         13. Responsibility...Steel Magnolias take on responsibilities with the utmost sincerity and finish out these responsibilities to logical conclusions.
        14. Sacrifice-Steel Magnolias willingly cast off the personal preferences and comforts whenever they are called upon for a higher cause or responsible for the welfare of others…

          15. Selflessness…Steel Magnolias always put others first without any expectation of payback. 

          Steel Magnolias are more concerned about the success of the group than with their own. 
          Steel Magnolias serve as an inspiration for others and earn respect as they face life’s challenges.

            After blogging for the last several months, I have decided that this was also a far loftier goal than I had anticipated. 

            No list could ever include the name of every single “Steel Magnolia” thoughout history…and each of us has our own unique Steel Magnolias in our own lives that have uniquely shaped our personal lives and made each of us into the people we are today…

            Instead of working alphabetically through the list as if I were obsessive-compulsive or something, I will be highlighting the lives of these women on their respective birthdays.

            Regardless, here is my original  “Steel Magnolia Hall of Fame,” listing all of the women whose story I had intended to study when I first began blogging.

            • Abigail Adams 
            • Louisa Adams
            • Jane Addams
            • Susan B. Anthony
            • Marie Antoinette
            • Saint Joan of Arc
            • Hannah Arendt
            • Mary Kay Ash
            • Aspasia of Miletus
            • Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor
            • Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
            • Jane Austen
            • Ella Baker
            • Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike
            • Clara Barton
            • Florence Bascom
            • Simone de Beauvoir
            • Aphra Behn
            • Ruth Fulton Benedict
            • Shirley Temple Black
            • Elizabeth Blackwell
            • Bonnie Kathleen Blair
            • Rosa Bonheur
            • Louise Arner Boyd
            • Pearl S. Buck
            • Calamity Jane
            • Marie Anne de Cupis de Camargo
            • Rachel Carson
            • Catherine the Great
            • St. Catherine
            • Tennie Chaffin
            • Chien-shiung Wu
            • Lady Randolph Churchill
            • Empress Dowager Cixi
            • Marie Von Clausewitch
            • Cleopatra
            • Louisa Creighton
            • Juana Ines de la Cruz
            • Marie Curie
            • Agnes George de Mille
            • Emily Dickinson
            • Amelia Earhart
            • Marian Wright Edelman
            • Eleanor of Aquitane
            • Beatrix Jones Farrand
            • Edith Flanigen
            • Anne Frank
            • Rosalind Elsie Franklin
            • Betty Naomi Friedan
            • Elizabeth Gurney Fry
            • Margaret Fuller
            • Indira Gandhi
            • Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire
            • Betty Green
            • Sarah and Angelina Grimke
            • Esther Hill Hawks
            • Sally Hemings
            • Caroline Lucretia Herschel
            • Judith E. Heumann
            • Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin
            • Ariel Hollinshead
            • Rachel Jackson
            • Mary Phelps Jacob
            • Helen Keller
            • Billie Jean King
            • Aleksandra Mikhaylovna Kollontai
            • Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
            • Susette La Flesche Tibbles
            • Lisa Lang
            • Gail Laughlin
            • Agnes Lee
            • Maya Lin
            • Belva Lockwood
            • Juliette Gordon Low
            • Mindy Macready
            • Anne Sullivan Macy
            • Mammy Pleasant
            • Wilma Mankiller
            • Jo March
            • Beryl Markham
            • Barbara McClintock
            • Margaret Mead
            • Catherine de Medici
            • Lise Meitner
            • Rigoberta Menchu Tum
            • Ada Isaacs Menken
            • Maria Montessori
            • Mother Theresa
            • Lucretia Cotton Mott
            • Beryl Markham
            • Audrey Munson
            • Baroness Murasaki Shikibu
            • Florence Nightingale
            • Sandra Day O’Connor
            • Scarlett O’Hara
            • Georgia O’Keeffe
            • Annie Oakley
            • Vijaya Lakshimi Pandit
            • Emmeline Pankhurst
            • Rosa Parks
            • Cecilia Penaferdes
            • Eva Peron
            • Lucy Pevensie
            • Christine de Pizan
            • Pocahontas
            • Queen Anne
            • Queen Elizabeth I
            • Queen Isabella
            • Queen Victoria
            • Anna Cabot Lowell Quincy
            • Martha Jefferson Randolph
            • Jeannette Rankin
            • Nancy Reagan
            • Sally Ride
            • Alexandra Romanov
            • Eleanor Roosevelt
            • Sakajawea
            • Lisbeth Salander
            • Irene Sandler
            • Margaret Sanger
            • Sappho
            • Rose Schneiderman
            • Margaret Chase Smith
            • Kate Chase Sprague
            • Germaine de Stael
            • Elizabeth Cady Stanton
            • Gloria Steinem
            • Lucy Stone
            • Harriet Beecher Stowe
            • Harriet Russell Strong
            • Bertha von Suttner
            • Emma Tenayuca
            • Valentina Vladimirovna Nikolayeva Tereshkova
            • Margaret Thatcher
            • Alexandrine Pieternella Francoise Tinne
            • Sojourner Truth
            • Harriet Tubman
            • Tz’u Hsi
            • Yoshiko Uchida
            • Maria Von Trapp
            • Ida B Wells
            • Paula Wengeroff
            • Phyllis Wheatley
            • Oprah Winfrey
            • Mary Wollstonecraft
            • Victoria Woodhull
            • Virginia Woolf
            • Matilda Wormwood
            • Rosalyn Sussman Yalow
            • Malala Yousafzai 

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