Cinco de Mayo
is celebrated each year in remembrance of La Batalla de Puebla, the remarkable victory of 4,000 Mexicans over more than 8,000 French in 1862. 

    Cinco de Mayo has become a fun and festive celebration today, even for those of us have never even heard of “La Batalla de Puebla,” and the perfect excuse for planning a fabulous Mxican fiesta. 

    Here are a few ideas for making your Cinco de Mayo the very best ever…

    Decorations…Green, red and white—the colors of the Mexican flag—dominate during this day of remembrance. Paper Mexican flags, hanging decorations, chili pepper lights, and tissue paper flowers from your local dollar store or online are perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.

    Cover your party table with a colorful disposable tablecloth, napkins, plates, and cups portraying sombreros, maracas, Mexican flags, and chili peppers.

    Lay a large straw sombrero on the center of the table, sprinkle chili peppers along the rim, and toss some confetti around the hat for the perfect table centerpiece.

    A pinata in a donkey, star, or sombrero shape, filled with lots of favors and candies, is another respected tradition.


    Main Dish—Taco Bar






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