Some like it hot. Some like it cold. 
Some leave it out so long that it starts to grow mold.

Some like it with mayo. 
Some like it with mustard.
But regardless how you like it…
It’s become a picnic standard…
Regardless, potato salad is another food typically served at picnics…even though mayonnaise-based foods are cautioned to be avoided because they can supposedly start getting old and make you sick if set out in the sun too long.

Potato salad originated in Germany and was brought to the United States by way of German and European settlers during the nineteenth century.

“American-style” potato salad differs from “German-style” potato salad in that “American-style” potato salad is served cold or at room temp and is based on ingredients such as mayonnaise and vegetables such as onion and celery…whereas “German-style” potato salad, or  “Kartoffelsalat,” is served warm and based on mustard, vinegar or olive oil, and bacon.

Regardless, potato salad is one of the dishes expected to be served at each and every picnic.

So on to the recipes…

(I was originally going to share all these salad recipes as one post, but decided this would become one extremely long post that would be more difficult to find again when I am looking for a specific recipe. So instead, here is the second installment on salad recipes for the perfect picnic)…


    1.  Big Daddy’s Grilled Blue Cheese-and-Bacon Potato Salad…


        2. Hot Potato


            3.  Picnic Potato Salad…Land o’ Lakes


                4.  Smoked Turkey Potato Salad…Natural Turkey Federation


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