A corkscrew is seonf important tool to pack for the perfect picnic. 

Corkscrews run the gamut as far as design—gears, threads, gas pressure, hooks, prongs and rack and pinion mechanisms—and  people have been busy inventing and patenting several thousand various cork “pullers” around the world ever since the invention of wine bottles in the 1600’s. 

So how do you choose the perfect corkscrew for your next perfect picnic…Factors to consider when choosing the perfect “cork puller”  include…

      1.  Easy to Use…Corks can be a major pain to extract, especially if you have to wrestle with a difficult opener,and opening the bottle should require as little brute force as possible.

      2.  Efficiency

      The ideal corkscrew has to be able to fit and open all the bottles in your collection.

      The ideal corkscrew must do the job safely without any problems such as “explosions,” cracked glass, and broken corkscrews.

      The pulling action of the ideal corkscrew should not disturb any sediment in the bottle by shaking the bottle up. 

      The screw on the ideal corkscrew should go in perfectly straight so that the cork stays intact.

      3.  Elegance…Crkscrews are available in an infinite variety of designs and sizes, and choosing the perfect corkscrew should be based on the image that you are trying to portray and how much space you have available.

      4.  Expense…How much are you willing to spend on the perfect corkscrew.
      All things being considered, how do find a corkscrew you’ll actually like.
      Like buying anything else, first you must explore your options…in this case, you must know the the different styles of wine openers on the market today, and which type will do the job most easily and quickly.
      So what are the different styles of wine openers on the market today…

      Butlers Friend Style Corkscrew

      1.  Easy to use...two prongs are simply slipped in between the cork and neck of the bottle, gently wiggled and twisted…pulling the cork up completely intact…requires some upper body strength, stability, practice, and skill to use,  so  may not be appropriate for less agile drinkers and not likely to be your go-to everyday opener…

       2.  Efficiency…the perfect solution for aged bottles with older, dry, brittle corks that would crumble if a regular corkscrew were used, but not the most versatile opener as it does not work well on slippery synthetic corks…

      3.  Elegance
      …compact and not flashy, but incredibly practical

      4.  Expense
      …usually I nexpensive..the one shown here is from .Le Creuset and costs $60…but, hey,it’s Le Crueset.

        Cork Pops CO2 Gas Opener 

          1.  Easy to Use...slide the needle into the cork and press on the canister in the back to forces carbon dioxide gas into the bottle The gas enters with such high pressure that it pops the cork right out of the bottle…Easy to use…Works fast…does not have a spiral…works especially well for fragile corks…will open almost any bottle with ease  

          2.  Efficiency…makes opening even the most stubborn bottle a cinch…Good for aged corks, but doesn’t always work well on synthetic or particularly long corks

          3.  Elegance…impressive way to entertain guests…impressive design makes it a fun addition to your cellar…

          4.  Expense…but requires the additional long-term costs of  purchasing and replacing replacement cartridges. Here on Amazon, the opener costs $15.49, and the replacement cartridges cost $8 for a set of two.

          Double Lever Corkscrew
          1.  Easy to Use..uses a gear and rack mechanismto to turn the two handles into efficient levers when pulling the cork

          2.Efficiency…the double levers help reduce required effort  by 50%

          3.Elegance… Looks like a Swiss Army knife

          4.Expense…this example is from Trudeau and costs. $14.99

          Lever Type
          1.Easy to Use...clamp on the device, push the lever down and then pull it out…very simple, very easy

          2.Efficiency…will pull a wine cork in 3 seconds flat, and then quickly and easily ejects the cork from the worm after uncorking

          3.Elegance…black ergonomic design with soft rubber grip pads, butbulky and less aesthetically pleasing than some of the other models

          4.Expense…This Black Rabbit Corkscrew from Metrokane can be found at Wine Enthusiast for $49.95

          Screwpull Lever Style

          1.  Easy to Use…easy to use, even by older or less-agile wine lovers…clamps easily around the neck of the bottle and then inserts a spiral long, strong screw made of relatively thin Teflon-coated wire completely into the cork…after the lever is pulled and raised, pulls the cork right out

          2. Efficiency…offers extra stability, power, leverage, and control for  less physically agile users…forcefulness of the lever can push a cork partway into the bottle

          3.  Elegance…makes opening a bottle look effortless…aesthetically pleasing…sleek design 

          4.  Expense…may need to buy replacement spirals as they dull with age…not easily stored…takes up a lot of space

            Waiter’s Friend
            1.  Easy to Use…
            consists of a simple handle and auger or spiral, a lever, and a short cutting blade…the simplest, yet most universally effective opener on the market…easy for a savvy drinker to use, but might be more difficult for older or less agile consumers to maneuver

            2.  Efficiency…works well for any type of cork, from composite, to natural, to synthetic…offers user control regarding the force, speed, and angle of insertion and extraction…Teflon coating eases the spiral more smoothly into the cork, preventing bits of cork from breaking off and falling into the wine…

            3. Elegance…compact, can slip easily into a briefcase, purse or picnic basket for those unexpected or on-the-go pours

            4. Expense…typically cost between $10 and $15…

            Wing Type
            1.  Easy to Useoffers stability and control for older wine lovers who need additional  leverage

            2. Effectiveness…offers a decently efficient way to extract your cork for everyday bottles, but truly only useful for your everyday table wines as its high force extraction is likely to snap an aged, dry cork

            3. Expense…one of the most common openers on the market… typically inexpensive

            4. Elegance…not the most elegant or compact of openers…clunky and doesn’t offer anything that other, more effective models don’t have


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