So hard to believe that another month has come and gone…seems like Christmas was only a week ago…oh, how quickly this year is flying by.

    Today I have been sitting here gathering ideas for future blog posts and contemplating ways to make the month of May, especially Mother’s Day, special for our family.

      In my last post, I listed some of my blogging  and life goals for May. They were…

         Some days I feel like I am writing about so many different topics that there seems to be no method at all to my madness…but my goal is to actually walk through each part of my day and share some things that I have learned that month. So looking back on April…the month that I have been crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s with the Pantone color of Niagara… 

          STARTING THE DAY OFF RIGHT...character studies about the different women in the book of Genesis…starting with this book about Sarah, first in a series written by Orson Scott Card.

            GETTING DRESSED...forty piece wardrobe that I have finally finished creating, do a segment on foundation, and hopefully start working on my laundry room.

              EATING BREAKFAST...resources to help you write and publish cookbooks, and possibly other books, in order to have a cookbook published in time for Christmas.

                DROPPING THE KIDS OFF…survival game plan for the timespan that my daughter is home from Ole Miss for the summer.

                  HEADING OFF TO WORK…command center that will eventually become my reception/reservations center for our bed and breakfast.

                    LASTING THROUGH LUNCH…start by finishing this series and then work through the subjects further down on my list…have too many draft posts still hanging around.

                      MAKING DINNER PLANS…new weekly series of posts on Sunday’s called “Taking up Baking.”

                        SATISFYING THE SWEET TOOTH...weekly “Taking Up Baking” posts.

                          CREATING A HOME...clear, organize, and decorate our laundry room.    

                            GETTING HEALTHY…the best foods to meet your daily protein recommendations.

                               CELEBRATING LIFE/SEWING A STRAIGHT SEAM…get my sewing room back into working condition, write my review of Stalin’s Daughtet, and begin another selection from my book list.

                                The month of May has been designated, by some authority that exists, as…

                                  • Better Hearing and Speech Month
                                  • Haitian Heritage Month
                                  • International Mediterranean Diet Month
                                  • Jewish American Heritage Month
                                  • Mental Health Awareness Month
                                  • National Barbecue Month
                                  • National Bike Month
                                  • National Blood Pressure Month
                                  • National Chocolate Custard Month 
                                  • National Egg Month
                                  • National Hamburger Month
                                  • National Loaded Potato Month
                                  • National Military Appreciation Month
                                  • National Osteoporosis Month 
                                  • National Salad Month
                                  • National Salsa Month
                                  • National Strawberry Month
                                  • Older Americans Month 
                                  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month
                                  • Date Your Mate Month
                                  • Foster Care Month


                                  Each day in May has been designated, by some authority that exists, as… 

                                    May 1

                                    • National Raisin Week
                                    • May Day
                                    • Mother Goose Day

                                    May 2

                                    • Brothers and Sisters Day
                                    • National Chocolate Truffle Day

                                    May 3 

                                    • National Chocolate Custard Day
                                    • National Herb Week
                                    • National Raspberry Popover/Tart Day
                                    • National Teacher Appreciation Day 

                                    May 4

                                    • National Candied Orange Peel Day

                                    May 5

                                    • Cinco de Mayo
                                    • National Day of Prayer
                                    • National Enchilada Day 

                                    May 6

                                    • Military Spouse Day
                                    • National Tourist Appreciation Day
                                    • National Nurses Day
                                    • No Diet Day

                                    May 7

                                    • National Tourism Day
                                    • Nurse’s Week

                                    May 8

                                    • Iris Day
                                    • Mother’s Day 
                                    • No Socks Day
                                    • V-E Day
                                    • World Red Cross Day

                                    May 9

                                    • Lost Sock Memorial Day 
                                    • National Shrimp Day
                                    • National Teachers Day

                                    May 10 

                                    • Clean up Your Room Day
                                    • National Receptionist Day 
                                    • School Nurses Day 

                                    May 11

                                    • Eat What You Want Day

                                    May 12

                                    • Fatigue Syndrome Day
                                    • National Fruit Cocktail Day

                                    May 13

                                    • Blame Someone Else Day 
                                    • Friday the 13th
                                    • National Hummus Day

                                    May 14

                                    • National Buttermilk Biscuit Day

                                    May 15

                                    • National Chocolate Chip Day
                                    • Police Officer’s Memorial Day

                                    May 16 

                                    • Love a Tree Day
                                    • Wear Purple for Peace Day

                                    May 17

                                    • National Cherry Cobbler Day
                                    • Pack Rat Day

                                    May 18

                                    • I love Reese’s Day
                                    • International Museum Day
                                    • National Cheese Souffle Day
                                    • No Dirty Dishes Day
                                    • Visit Your Relatives Day

                                    May 19

                                    • National Devil’s Food Cake Day

                                    May 20 

                                    • National Quiche Lorraine Day
                                    • National Pick Strawberries Day
                                    • National Pizza Party Day

                                    May 21

                                    • Armed Forces Day 
                                    • National Strawberries and Cream Day
                                    • National Waiters and Waitresses Day
                                    • World Whisky Day

                                    May 22

                                    • Buy a Musical Instrument Day
                                    • National Vanilla Pudding Day

                                    May 23 

                                    • Lucky Penny Day

                                    May 24

                                    May 25

                                    • National Brown-Bag-It Day
                                    • National Wine Day

                                    May 26

                                    • National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

                                    May 27

                                    • Don’t Fry Friday 

                                    May 28

                                    May 29

                                    May 30

                                    • Memorial Day

                                    May 31 

                                    • National Macaroon Day
                                    • World No Tobacco Day


                                    Finally look at what blog topics usually trend in the month of May

                                    • Finals/Exams
                                    • Kentucky Derby
                                    • Stanley Cup Fever
                                    • Weddings 

                                    So all that being said, won’t it be interesting to see what I do actually blog about in May(?!)…



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