Hard to believe that Easter is this Sunday…my goodness, this year is passing by so fast.
Having just talked about my journey back into the world of motherhood, I though that it might be fun to share some Easter craft ideas and art supplies for preschoolers. so…

    Cardstock…Cardstock absorbs liquids better than regular paper because it is thicker, making it perfect for paper folding projects and painting such as this Paper Carrot Party Favor.

    Food Coloring.
    ..Food coloring is a cheaper to  alternative to liquid watercolors…and the small squeeze bottles are perfect for little hands as they do such things as…Egg Dyeing 101 from McCormick.

    Jumbo Craft Sticks…Jumbo Craft Sticks are perfect not only for mixing paints and glues, but also wonderful for projects such as these Puzzle Piece Picture Frames.

    Perler Beads...These little beads may scare you at first glance, but give them a chance. The beads are fusible when ironed so kids can create amazing designs and creations that last using these, such as these Easter eggs.  

    Sidewalk Chalk..
    .Sidewalk chalk is a staple for warm days outside that kids never get tired of…drawing pictures such as this Easter Bunny.

    Washable Markers...Washable markers and a stack of paper will almost always keep kids crafting happily for quite a while. The fact that they are water soluble makes them perfect for a number of projects such as these Easter Egg Ornaments.

    Wood Beads…Wood beads come in many cheerful, bright colors and are perfect for a variety of projects such as these Easter Bunny Suckers…(yes, I do know that these are actually styrofoam balls and suckers…but you could use wood beads if you want…and they’re so darn cute.
    For more preschool and holiday crafts, check out these websites…



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