Some days I feel like I am writing about so many different topics that there seems to be no method at all to my madness…but my goal is to actually walk through each part of my day and share some things that I have learned that month. So looking back on March…the month that I have been crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s with the Pantone color of Pink Yarrow… 


STARTING THE DAY OFF RIGHT…My goal for the year has been to bury my head and study the Book of Genesis for the entire year. This last quarter I have been studying the book of Genesis with help from the Be Series of commentaries by Warren Wiersbe, which I have nearly finished.

In April I hope to finish the Wiersbe studies…and move on to character studies about the different women in the book of Genesis.


 GETTING DRESSED...My goal for the year has been to establish a 40-piece capsule wardrobe, convert to organic skincare and cosmetic products, and transform my laundry room and bedroom closet into places that I would proudly post on both my blog and Pinterest. 

 In April I will share the forty piece wardrobe that I have created…I also want to study one aspect of an organic “getting dressed” routine, starting with concealor….and finally start working on my laundry room.


EATING BREAKFAST...My goal for the year has been to start putting together a cookbook of Southern breakfast recipes that I can sell at my bed and breakfast. This last quarter I have been too busy chasing and potty-training a three year old to even ea breakfast most days. 

In April I want to gather resources to help you write and publish cookbooks, and possibly other books, in order to have a cookbook published in time for Christmas.

DROPPING THE KIDS OFF…My goal for the year has been to make the quantity time that I spend with our three year old quality time also. This last quarter I have looked at the benefits of “active grandparenting” and publications geared toward preschoolers.

In April
I hope to find resources available for “active grandparents,” as we move forward in our hopes of actually adopting him.   


HEADING OFF TO WORK…My goal for the year has been to move closer to the opening of our bed and breakfast. This quarter, I seem too have focused primarily on writing successfully.

In April I hope to create a command center that will eventually become my reception/reservations center for our bed and breakfast.


LASTING THROUGH LUNCH...My goal for the year has been to create a system of keeping healthy, portable snacks and lunches available to grab as we hurriedly run out the door each morning. This quarter I have examined chicken noodle soup and other remedies…and suggested several snacks that provide energy throughout the day.

In April I hope to learn more about “food in jars”…and choosing the right lunchbox, now that we’re adults.  


…My original goal for the year was to study one different cooking techniques per month. This quarter I have decided that this was much too big of a goal…instead I will look at one cooking method per quarter..

In April I
will prepare my own ” wish list registry list” as one of my daughters starts planning her wedding…and begin a new weekly series of posts called “Taking up Baking.”


SATISFYING THE SWEET TOOTH…My goal for the year has been to to start a binder with seasonal desserts to use as a reference once our business is open. This quarter I only made it through Valentine’s Day.

In April I hope to look at different methods for creating carrot cake…such as cheesecake, poke cake, traditional, muffins, Bundt, and so forth.


CREATING A HOME...My goal for the year has been to create minimalistic systems and organization so that “everything can be done decently and in order.” This last quarter I have begun to create my forty-piece capsule wardrobe and an acrylic organizer containing the perfect capsule “makeup wardrobe.”

In April I hope to begin to clear, organize, and decorate our laundry room.  


GETTING HEALTHY...My goal for the year has been to start exercising again and learn to prep foods that are more appropriate for my diabetic husband. This last quarter I focused on foods that you actually should be eating on a diet, such as foods containing iron.

in April I hope to study the best foods to meet your daily protein recommendations.


SEWING A STRAIGHT SEAM…My goal this year is to do some things honestly just for me…such as finish the umpteen thousand sewing projects sitting around here, start a historical biographies book club, among other things.

In April I hope to get my sewing room back into working condition, write my review of Stalin’s Daughtet, and begin another selection from my book list.

Now turning the page to April and crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s with the Pantone color Niagara.



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