are another nutritional powerhouse snack that provide an abundance of protein, vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B and D, folic acid, and iron. 

I was going to write this post about how silly using an egg cooker is to boil eggs, because you can simply “boil” perfect hardboiled eggs by baking them in the oven at 350 for thirty minutes.

That was before I forgot that I had even put eggs in the oven to bake or boil or whatever it is that they do…and burned an entire dozen.

 And since boiling eggs on top of the stove can often feel as if you are just rolling the dice and taking a huge chance hoping to find the perfect timing…enough time so that the eggs are not soft-boiled, but not so long that the eggs turn into rocks…

I am seriously reconsidering this whole egg cooker thing and might even pick one up on my Target run later today.

A few factors to consider when shopping for an egg cooker include…

  • Number of eggs that can be prepared at once
  • Source of heat...electric or microwave 
  • Timers…audible signal or automatic shut-off 
  • Types of eggs made...boiled, poached, scrambled, patties for breakfast sandwiches, omelets, poached eggs 


    1.  Chef’sChoice® International® Gourmet Egg Cooker Model 810

    2.  Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg Cooker
    3.  Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker
    4.  Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker


      5.  DBTech Automatic Shut-off Electric Egg Cooker

      6.  Elite Cuisine EGC-007 MaxiMatic Egg Cooker

      7.  Maxi-Matic Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum EGC-207 Automatic Egg Cooker, Stainless Steel by Elite

      8.  KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker With Water Level Indicator, White –


        9.  Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler 

        10.  West Bend Automatic Egg 86628 Egg Boiler 4.1 (45)


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