Once you have chosen which book to read, there are several online resources that will help you prepare to read the book and then help you understand the book as you are reading it..

Blogs can be excellent sources of information. A few blogs about books are Book RiotBustle BooksOmnivoraciousThe Millions, and The New York Review of Books.

Book clubs can also be useful as you embrace a literary lifestyle. Four of the better known book clubs are DoubleDayOprahGoodreads, and Book of the Month.

Book lists can also be found with reviews on sites like Book List OnlineList ChallengesGoodreadsBook RiotNew York Public Library, and Reading Group Choices.

Book reviews can also be read on pages with Book Challenges. Several challenges that I have been following this year are…

  • All About Austen…Read or watch anything inspired by Jane Austen.
  • Back to the Classics 2017…Discover and enjoy classic books you might not have tried, or just never got around to reading.
  • Christian Reading Challenge.  
  • Foodies Read…”Do you read books about food? There are books about food in so many different genres. Cozy mysteries set in bakeries…Romance books set in tea shops…Nonfiction books about the history of ingredients…CookbooksMemoirs from chefs or waiters or people who just love to eat…the list goes on and on..Pick a level below…Short-Order Cook: 1 to 3 books…Pastry Chef: 4 to 8 books…Sous-Chef: 9 to 13 books…Chef de Cuisine: 14 to 18…Cordon-Bleu Chef: More than 19
  • Full House Reading Challenge 2017...Complete the Bingo card of challenges with fiction or non-fiction books
  • Netflix and Books Challenge. This is going to be a yearly challenge focused on watching television shows we’ve been wanting to get to (both new and old), and reading books we’ve been wanting to read that match some fun challenge prompts
  • Reading Assignment Challenge... Commit to reading 1, 2, 3 or 4 books a month and make a list of the specific books you will read each month.
  • Share-a-Tea Reading Challenge...This challenge is about QUALITY and not quantity. It’s not about reading fifty books or even twelve books. This is an anti-rush reading challenge. Enjoy where you are in a book, and, engage fully in it. Live in the book.
  • Victorian Reading Challenge…More than any other time in modern history, the Victorian Age saw the most change to European and American societies. Many agrarian, rural communities transitioned to urban centers of industry. Men and women began to talk about and take steps toward redefining their traditional roles. Theories about God, the origin of man, and the practice of religion began to be publicly put forth, challenged, refuted, or solidified. The Victorian Age saw a great revolution in the western world and it’s a topic that fascinates me endlessly.  

      Pinterest Boards may also prove to be a great asset a few worth noting are 

      • Book Community Board
      • Goodreads
      • Penguin Random House Boards
      • Random House Official Pinterest Board

      Websites can obviously give you reviews, reading guides, interviews with authors, and so forth. A few websites worth investing your time in are…

      I am getting ready to knock out this year’s book list by first reading  Stalin’s Daughter: The Extraordinary and Tumultuous Life of Svetlana Alliluyeva…Rosemary Sullivan…and have found the following reviews, guides, and so forth to help me know what to expect as I get my reading glasses on…


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