(I just finished writing my first book review of the year and ended up basically using this fill-in-the-blank version of the tips for writing book reviews in the previous post.

Thought someone else might find it handy also…and wanted to be able to stash it somewhere to find it later.)

Introductory Paragraph…This book is a ____ book about ____ written for _____ to show _____. This book sparked my interest because _____. 

…The title, _____, is appropriate for the book because the book ____. Having first read the title of the book, I expected the book to discuss _____. This theme is carried out throughout the book as evident by _____ and adequately pinpoints the message of the book because _____.

Author…The author of the book is _____…who has also written _____ and has won awards, including _____. He/she typically writes _____.

Introduction…Guest authors that also helped introduce the book were _____. According to the introduction, this book promises to _____. The book is organized into chapters/sections/parts. 

General…The main idea of the book is _____. The  main characters include _____. My favorite character was _____ because _____.

    …My favorite part of the book was _____ because ____. I particularly liked the fact that the book because ____. This book made me feel _____.
    Negatives…The book was hard to understand/not as interesting as I had originally hoped because _____. The one thing that I disliked most about the book was…

    Reader Appeal…I would recommend this book mainly to readers who _____. Some readers may find that the book _____. 

      …I honestly do/do not think that the book fulfills the purpose and promises that the author makes in the preface and introduction and would give the book a rating of ____ on a scale from one to ten.
      The book was published by ____ in _____…and can be found ____ for _____.


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